Auto Masszar
Both beginners and experts alike will be more than happy with Auto Masszar by Critical Mass Collective! This high-performance AutoFem finishes in just 70 days or less from seed, but she doesn't lose a thing to gain that speed. Both the flavours & the aromas are intense and full-bodied, the power is top notch, and the yields can go all the way to 550 gr/mw inside even though this pungent shorty never tops a meter in height. Auto Masszar Seeds are perfect for smaller spaces!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • <70 Days - 19% THC
  • High-Yielding Afghani
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Tastes Like Hash Dipped in Sweet Vanilla and dusted with Orange Zest!

At Rhino Seeds, we always give credit where credit is due! Not only does Critical Mass Collective know how to squeeze all the yield & power they can from their genetics, they also pack their 100% feminized seeds to the bursting point with oily resin & aromatic terpenes. Automatic Masszar smells like the finest Afghan Skunk with light citrus accents, and she tastes even better: hash lightened by soft vanilla musk, over top zesty orange and finished off with coffee and more rich Skunk. Watered down? We think not!

  • Auto Masszar Finishes in 65-70 Days from Seed!
  • Very Potent, Especially for an Automatic, 19% THC!
  • High Yields, Full Flavours, Rich Aromas
  • Top Quality - You Will Not Be Disappointed!

If you're just getting started, we can't recommend Auto Masszar Feminized Seeds enough! They're easy to manage and they'll finish so fast you'll hardly have time to make a mistake. When you're done, the yield could be as high as 550 gr/m2 of dank, dense buds that shimmer and gleam with emerald green, turquoise blue and glittery gold - beautiful, potent & highly aromatic!

Do Yourself a Favour & Order Auto Masszar Seeds Today!

NB: Did you know Auto Masszar Marijuana Seeds stay so short they can fit in the smallest places? That's true, but you better keep your beans completely dry and stored safely in their original packs. That's what UK law dictates, and those are the rules we have to live by at Rhino Seeds. Just saying.

Flowering Time
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Height Notes
Strain Notes
Strong and deeply hashy with a soft, musky sweet vanilla lift
THC Notes
Flowering Time Notes
55-60 Days
Cannabis Genetics
Monster Mass x Mazar x CMC Big Bud Auto
Short - Average
Outdoor Yield
Approx 80-150g/per plant
Indoor Yield
Approx 550g/m2

If you're in the market for a high-performance AutoFem that doesn't know the meaning of compromise, do yourself a favour and add a pack of Auto Masszar Cannabis Seeds to your basket! These beans are priced right, and they will outperform almost every other Afghani strain on the market today. The yields are high, the power is off the chain and the finish is extremely fast at 70 days or less from seed. Flavours & aromas? Let's just say you'll be totally satisfied in every single way!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • <70 Days - 19% THC
  • High-Yielding Afghani

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Before the Critical Mass Collective was even a gleam in Critical Lee's eye, this highly respected breeder fell in love with the legendary Critical Mass strain. Of course, he couldn't pass on the chance to improve on perfection, so he soon tweaked CM until he came up with Monster Mass, a new hybrid with even more yield & more power than it's infamous mom. Today, you can take advantage of all that hard work and pick up your own Critical Mass Collective feminized and AutoFem seeds. You'd be crazy not to!