Moonshine Mass
Critical Mass Collective went all out with this throwback strain! They crossed their signature Monster Mass with a proven Old School Haze to add a Sativa-dominant feminized seed to their collection. Moonshine Mass has absolutely no couchlock for a crisp, clear, energizing high that's perfect for daytime. But don't get it twisted - this cannabis seed is still a potent intoxicant. Take it easy & be careful!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • A Full 22% THC
  • 60 to 65 Day Finish
  • Gin-Soaked Flavour
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Tastes like Gin-Soaked Citrus with a Haze Back!

Moonshine Mass Cannabis Seeds have one of the most complex terpene profiles you'll ever find. The taste is truly unique and one of the reasons Critical Mass Collective gave these ladies their intoxicating name. With a fragrance and flavour to match, these feminized seeds are a dead ringer for gin-soaked lemons and grapefruit with a Hazey aftertaste and clear but mild notes of pine and sandalwood that linger on the palate well after the exhale.

  • Moonshine Mass THC = 22%
  • 60-65 Day Flowering Time Inside
  • Up to 750 gr/seed by Early October Outside
  • Clearly Psychoactive with an Energetic Edge

Even before you get your first taste of Critical Mass Collective's Moonshine Mass, you'll be properly impressed by this strain's immense bag appeal. The chunky buds are literally engorged with resin, even after the cure, and the colour is simply spectacular - a mesmerizing silvery-blue coated in icy-white pistils. Break one open and you'll get a fresh burst of aroma that hints of things to come. Sooo tempting!

Give In & Get Your Moonshine Mass Feminized Seeds Today!

NB: Thinking about trying your own Moonshine Mass grow log? Think again! That would be illegal and against the Rhino Seeds terms of service. We sell all cannabis seeds strictly as collectible souvenirs and adult novelty items.

Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Flowering Outdoors
Early October
Height Notes
2 to 3 Meters
Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
22% THC
Flowering Time Notes
60 to 65 Days
Cannabis Genetics
Monster Mass X Old School Haze
Outdoor Yield
Up to 750 gr/seed
Indoor Yield
Up to 600 gr/m2

Brand new for 2016, Moonshine Mass by Critical Mass Collective is a Sativa-dominant blend of Monster Mass & Old School Haze with an impressive 22% THC rating and truly satisfying yields inside or out. The buds are absolutely beautiful - icy-blue with frosty white hairs and an extensive coating of resin. These 100% feminized seeds react well to all training methods, but everything really kicks in with LST & FIM. Order yours today!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • A Full 22% THC
  • 60 to 65 Day Finish
  • Gin-Soaked Flavour

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Before the Critical Mass Collective was even a gleam in Critical Lee's eye, this highly respected breeder fell in love with the legendary Critical Mass strain. Of course, he couldn't pass on the chance to improve on perfection, so he soon tweaked CM until he came up with Monster Mass, a new hybrid with even more yield & more power than it's infamous mom. Today, you can take advantage of all that hard work and pick up your own Critical Mass Collective feminized and AutoFem seeds. You'd be crazy not to!