Psychotropic Mass
It's no secret that MMJ fans need huge yields, especially if they require oils or concentrates, and that's why Critical Mass Collective went big with their new Psychotropic Mass. This groundbreaking high-CBD seed is capable of producing more swollen, therapeutic buds than virtually any other bean around. And, this genetic mix includes not only Monster Mass but the legendary Cannatonic too!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Highly Therapeutic
  • Rich Flavour & Aroma
  • 550 gr/m2 - 55 Days
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

High CBD & Low Fluff - Seriously Dense!

Just because you need high-CBD seeds doesn't mean you have to give up excellent bag appeal! With Psychotropic Mass Feminized Seeds, Critical Mass Collective left nothing to chance. Dense, compact and oozing with resin, the buds are, in a word, flawless! They won't get you wasted, but they will give you a stunning array of medicinal benefits, and they look, smell and taste amazing. You will not be disappointed in these medical seeds!

  • Psychotropic Mass has 6.5% THC: 6.5% CBD
  • Very Mild Recreational Effect - Mostly Medical
  • High Yielding Sativa - Will Need Support
  • Strong Skunk Smell with Notes of Fruit, Leather & Pine

On average, Critical Mass Collective's Psychotropic Mass Seeds will finish about 55 days after the flip if you're inside, or by early October outside. The numbers tell most of the story with 550 gr/m2 yields if you go with SOG or up to 650 gr/seed if you don't. These weed seeds absolutely loved to be trained and they bulk up nicely with LST, FIM or a good pinch. Trust us - the extra effort will pay off!

Get the Best Medical-Grade Gear - Buy Psychotropic Mass Seeds Now!

NB: The Gorilla does it all - except for two things. We can't discuss germination and we strictly prohibit any type of Psychotropic Mass grow. That's illegal in the UK & those are the rules we must play by.

Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Thc Level
Medium : 8 - 15%
Flowering Outdoors
Early October
Strain Notes
Citrus with a deep rich Honey & Pine Flavour
THC Notes
Cannabis Genetics
Monster Mass x Cannatonic
Outdoor Yield
Approx 650/per plant
Indoor Yield
Approx 550g/m2
Medical Notes
1:1 Ratio THC/CBD

To date, Psychotropic Mass is the only true medical-grade feminized seed you'll find at Critical Mass Collective, but she's really special. This high-CBD strain will WOW you with her dense, rocky buds and insane bag appeal, but once the fun is over, these ladies get down to some serious business. They have a very mild, pleasantly relaxing effect, but most of the work is purely medicinal and happens behind the scenes for help with inflammation, pain, anxiety and all kinds of nasty things. Order your Psychotropic Mass Cannabis Seeds today!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Highly Therapeutic
  • Rich Flavour & Aroma
  • 550 gr/m2 - 55 Days

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Before the Critical Mass Collective was even a gleam in Critical Lee's eye, this highly respected breeder fell in love with the legendary Critical Mass strain. Of course, he couldn't pass on the chance to improve on perfection, so he soon tweaked CM until he came up with Monster Mass, a new hybrid with even more yield & more power than it's infamous mom. Today, you can take advantage of all that hard work and pick up your own Critical Mass Collective feminized and AutoFem seeds. You'd be crazy not to!