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Amnesia CBD thumbnail

Amnesia CBD

10% CBD: 8% THC - Power to Soothe

Amnesia CBD is way less psychoactive than Original Amnesia Haze, but she's way more medicinal. The superior CBD level is perfect for stress, mood & motivation.

  • High Yields - Up to 550 gr/m2 Inside
  • 60 to 65 Day Finish - Up to 3 Meters Tall
Amnesia Kush thumbnail

Amnesia Kush

Up to 800 gr/seed in Warmer Regions - 20% THC

Amnesia Kush will blow you away with genuine Sativa quality and a very doable 10-week or less finish. The yields are big, and so is this strain, so stand back & give these ladies some room!

  • Medium Node Distance for Tightly Stacked Buds
  • Fresh Citrus Flavour & Aroma - Delightful!
Blue Amnesia XXL Auto thumbnail

Blue Amnesia XXL Auto

3rd Gen Amnesia Auto X Blueberry Auto Cross

Backed by proven genetics, Blue Amnesia XXL Automatic is a beginner-friendly dream with high THC levels & very generous yields - up to 450 gr/m2 inside!

  • Purple Colours with Cooler Night Air
  • Small Nodes for Tight, Dense Colas
Blue Fruit thumbnail

Blue Fruit


Many people like taste and colour in their plants, without ruling out production and strength. The California Hash Plant line crossed with a Blueberry gives a good example of this concept.

Blue Widow thumbnail

Blue Widow

This F1 hybrid of Blueberry and White Widow has been created to give flavor, taste, and color! It survives well when grown in a continental or Mediterranean climate, where it can develop ALL of its ar
California Hash Plant thumbnail

California Hash Plant

This plant is a PURE indica, the result of an endogamic cross made between 2 sister plants of the same genetic line. It has medium strength and a sedative effect due to its CBD content.
Cloud #9 Feminized thumbnail

Cloud #9 Feminized

Critical Jack Automatic thumbnail

Critical Jack Automatic

Critical Jack Automatic is an even easier version of Critical +! With the addition of Jack Herer for higher yields and DinaFem Auto for autoflowering capabilities, this express version has it all. Tak
Critical Jack Feminized thumbnail

Critical Jack Feminized

Critical + fans, check this out! Critical Jack Feminized pumps out even more of this tasty blaze with 1450-gram yields in just 60 days. With a strong but balanced effect, Critical Jack Feminized is fr
Critical Plus thumbnail

Critical Plus

Selected by a great grower from Bilbao to whom we owe this little marvel, for a wide variety of good reasons, this plant won the 1st High Life Cup in Barcelona. The most interesting feature of thi
Critical Plus Automatic thumbnail

Critical Plus Automatic

Critical + Automatic is an enhanced version of an old favourite! Now, Critical + Automatic delivers the sweetest top-shelf weed like clockwork!
Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering thumbnail

Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering

Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering Seeds: The Future is Here!

Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering gives new meaning to next-generation Auto. Bigger, fatter & faster than the original, these cannabis seeds truly deserve the lofty 2.0 designation. They're killer!

  • This Super-Producer is the Result of a 2-Year Project
  • Up to 250 gr/m2, 70 to 80 Days, 130 cm or Less
Diesel thumbnail


Yet another legend created in the United States of America. The history of this variety’s genetics is too long to explain here, but basically it comes from the ChemDawg line, a curious strain that
DinaFem Cheese Feminized thumbnail

DinaFem Cheese Feminized

With a mild taste and a pleasant effect, DinaFem Cheese Feminized is an international favourite, especially in Amsterdam & the UK. A long-lasting Indica and HTCC winner, DinaFem Cheese Feminized is a
DinaFem Mix thumbnail

DinaFem Mix

DinaFem Mix Pack #1 thumbnail

DinaFem Mix Pack #1

DinaFem Mix Pack #10 thumbnail

DinaFem Mix Pack #10

DinaFem Mix Pack #2 thumbnail

DinaFem Mix Pack #2

DinaFem Mix Pack #3 thumbnail

DinaFem Mix Pack #3

DinaFem Mix Pack #4 thumbnail

DinaFem Mix Pack #4

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DinaFem Seeds: The Mystical Breeder with the Magic Touch!

The philosophy behind DinaFem Seeds is simple: Never stop learning about cannabis! This Spanish seed breeder is internationally known as one of the top suppliers of feminized cannabis seeds, but they haven't forgotten their roots. This group remembers what it was like to be a solitary connoisseur searching for great weed.

With this in mind, DinaFem Seeds doesn't stop at a mere 'the customer is always right' policy. Instead, they believe in your right to a high-quality product, and they're on a mission to deliver. We guarantee you'll never be disappointed in these beautiful seeds!

  • 100% Feminized Seeds - Just What You’re Looking For!
  • Unmatched Quality Process - To Ensure Your Success!
  • 100% Delivery Guarantee - Protect Your Investment!
  • Constant Improvements - It Just Keeps Getting Better!

The first thing you'll notice about DinaFem Seeds is that their beans are encased in a double layer of crush-proof packaging. Embossed with the unmistakable DinaFem logo, the external package is an attractive metallic tin that's virtually indestructible.

Inside the tin, the seeds are encased in an authentic Eppendorf tube with silica gel to control the moisture level inside the tube and a piece of foam to keep the seed from touching the gel. To make sure nothing goes wrong during shipping, they place a colour changing indicator inside each tube that lets you know if the integrity of the package is compromised.

Dinafem's line of stunning feminized seeds are clear winners, but you can sweeten the deal even more by buying your new beans from The Rhino. Rhino Seeds is the UK's most trusted source for all types of cannabis seeds with the lowest prices, freshest stock & 100% guaranteed delivery. No one beats that kind of deal!

Do Yourself a Favour & Fill Your Collection with Fabulous DinaFem Seeds!