DinaFem Mix Pack #4
Take a walk on the Haze side with the potent Sativa seeds in the DinaFem Mix Pack 4! This psychedelic sampler includes Royal Haze, Super Silver & Santa Sativa. The DinaFem Mix Pack 4 feeds your mind and your soul!
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    Free shipping and seeds


    A super-strong Sativa, Royale Haze has one of the clearest psychoactive highs known to man! There’s absolutely no lethargy, fatigue or sleepiness associated with this strain thanks to a high dose of THCV and absolutely no CBD. Yields are crazy high and the 70-day finish is extremely fast for a Sativa of this quality.

    Super Silver is a psychedelic Sativa with a spicy fragrance and a Hazy taste. She does great outdoors but can reach up to 4 meters depending on the conditions. Give resinous Super Silver plenty of nutes and she’ll pay you back with up to 1500 grams of the good stuff!

    • A World Tour of Feminized Haze
    • Royale Haze - Sweet & Spicy!
    • Super Silver – 1500 Grams of Awesomeness!
    • Santa Sativa – Strong, Clean Pine Aromas

    Santa Sativa is vigorous even for a Sativa! Plan well so that this healthy girl has lots of room to expand. Santa Sativa has a refreshing fragrance that smells like pine with just a touch of spice that remains even after she cures. The THC is high and so is the strong, clear effect!

    Rhino Seeds’ DinaFem Mix Pack 4 contains authentic Sativa Cannabis Seeds, but they don’t look like this! Considered dormant collectibles, these beautiful beans are not meant for cultivation, germination or any other illegal activity.

    6 seeds
    Strain Notes
    Royale Haze, Super Silver, Santa Sativa
    Selection Packs
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    DinaFem Seeds was founded in 2002 by a loose collective of small Spanish cannabis growers, but they didn't really make their presence known to the world until 2010 with the release of a full collection of brilliant feminized seeds. Because DinaFem Seeds took their time to learn the business and everything there was to know about marijuana seed production, every single one of their beans stands out like a shining star! With a firm commitment to never stop learning more about this critical subject, DinaFem Seeds is on a mission to make sure that every new weed seed in their lineup is even more stunning than the last!