DinaFem Mix Pack #5
The DinaFem Mix Pack 5 includes 3 intense strains from the States! For a sample of juicy Blue Fruit, fuel-flavoured Diesel and super-fast Industrial Plant, check out the DinaFem Mix Pack 5 today!
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    Free shipping and seeds


    First developed in the Oregon mountains, Blue Fruit quickly earned international fame for its long-lasting berry flavour, tantalizing aromas, high resin content, astonishing purple hues and very pleasant highs. Due to its extreme vigour, Blue Fruit requires taming inside, but most let her go wild outside!

    Diesel is another American favourite that has taken the rest of the world by storm! Best known for its sweet-and-sour fruity flavour with a diesel fuel aftertaste, this strain is potent but not overwhelming. Diesel offers mellow psychedelic highs that affect the mind much more than the body.

    • Three Feminized Versions of American Weed
    • Blue Fruit – Blueberry X California HashPlant
    • Diesel – Mexican Sativa X Afghani
    • Industrial Plant – Afghani X Thai

    If indoors is your thing, you have to try Industrial Plant, originally from Seattle! As the first cannabis seed developed specifically for artificial light, it gives up the good stuff faster than any other bean. Industrial Plant has every feature you’re looking for: short stature, high yields, amazing potency and a pleasing mix of head and body highs.

    Rhino Seeds only sells high-quality beans including the DinaFem Mix Pack 5 Cannabis Seed collection. However, our items do not look like these descriptions. Considered dormant collectibles, it’s illegal in the UK and most other countries to cultivate or germinate these seeds.

    6 seeds
    Strain Notes
    Blue Fruit, Diesel, Industrial Plant
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    DinaFem Seeds was founded in 2002 by a loose collective of small Spanish cannabis growers, but they didn't really make their presence known to the world until 2010 with the release of a full collection of brilliant feminized seeds. Because DinaFem Seeds took their time to learn the business and everything there was to know about marijuana seed production, every single one of their beans stands out like a shining star! With a firm commitment to never stop learning more about this critical subject, DinaFem Seeds is on a mission to make sure that every new weed seed in their lineup is even more stunning than the last!