Sonic Bloom
A few years ago, no one would ever have believed that a fully autoflowering seed could ever reach 18% THC, but Dr Krippling blew those naysayers away with his Sonic Boom Automatic Seeds! These potent killers do that & more with an abundance of fat, sticky, rock-hard buds that finish in just 65 days from seed. Amazing!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering Strain
  • 18% THC - Very Strong
  • Mostly Indica
  • Fast at Just 65 Days
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

First-Class Quality - FTW!

By crossing an old-school Nepalese strain with a reworked Indian Auto, Dr Krippling came up with a totally new blend that's top shelf all the way. Sonic Bloom Auto Seeds might not have the most dignified name, but they certainly live up to the hype with nuclear power & atomic speed!

  • Sonic Bloom Auto Only Needs 65 Days Total
  • Mostly Indica for a Strong Body Buzz
  • Very Potent at a Full 18% THC
  • Nepalese & Indian Genetics - Classic

In just 65 days from seed on average, Dr Krippling's Sonic Bloom Auto will reach her true potential with massive yields of fat, frost-covered buds oozing with THC & Indica-dominant power. Unless you're highly tolerant, these automatic killers will knock you on your bum within seconds. These cannabis seeds are hardcore!

If you think Sonic Bloom Autoflowering Seeds are the mutt's, you have to check out the rest of the Dr Krippling collection! He's got a wide range of feminized seeds as well as some brand-new AutoFems that shoot right past 20% THC. If you can take the heat, that's where you want to be!

Grab Your Sonic Bloom Auto Seeds Today - They're Insanely Good!

NB: All cannabis seed descriptions featured on the Rhino Seeds' website, including this one for Sonic Bloom Auto, are based on the original breeder specs. No laws were broken to create this page.

Flowering Time
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Height Notes
80 to 120 cm Indoors, 120 to 180 cm Outdoors
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
18% THC
Flowering Time Notes
65 Days from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Nepalese X Indian Auto

Sonic Bloom Auto is based on proven genetics from Nepal & India crossed & further refined by the Dr Krippling team. The finishes have been reduced to an impressive 65 days from marijuana seed with no need to go all the way to 12/12 to start the countdown. These beans are beginner-friendly weed seeds at their very finest!

Heights can go all the way to 120 cm indoors or 180 cm outdoors. That's an incredible feat when you consider how short the lifecycle is for Sonic Bloom Auto Seeds. In fact, they'll seem to thicken right before your very eyes! Power ratings are incredible at 18% THC & the Indica-dominant genetics lend themselves to a fabulous body buzz. You'll love this Auto Seed!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering Strain
  • 18% THC - Very Strong
  • Mostly Indica
  • Fast at Just 65 Days

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Sonic Bloom Auto is a potent automatic seed bred by the Dr Krippling Seed Company. Dr Krippling is earning a stellar reputation as a top breeder of 100% feminized & fully autoflowering seeds of the highest quality. Power ratings are off the chart, yields are truly generous & the flavours are to die for. Do yourself a favour & try them all - get your genuine Dr Krippling Seeds today!