The Incredible Bulk

Prepare to Be Knocked the F**k Out!

The Incredible Bulk is the total package with up to 24% THC, 1000 gr/m2 inside & a whopping 1500 gr/seed outside with colas the size of small children. It's a real hard-hitter with fast-acting Indica stones & a pleasant flavour that ties it all together. Don't wait long to order - The Incredible Hulk Seeds practically fly out the door!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Dramatic Volume
  • Fast Finishes
  • Boxing Glove Sized Buds
  • Very Easy & Forgiving
  • Free shipping and seeds
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    The Incredible Bulk(77)
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    The Incredible Hulk Explodes with Green Vigour!

    Warning! Warning! Flip The Incredible Bulk before she reaches 2 feet tall inside or prepare to pay the price. These mean green machines will literally explode before your very eyes, taking up every bit of available space & then some. Heights will be an issue. Don't say we didn't warn you!

    • The Incredible Bulk Yields up to 1500 gr/seed
    • A Real Hard Hitter - 20 to 24% THC
    • XL Bud Size - Like Boulders Instead of Rocks
    • Big Bud X Super Skunk X Green Spirit

    As long as you can tame this beast, she won't give you a bit of trouble. The Incredible Bulk Feminized Seeds can adapt to practically any environment, taking it easy on beginners and seasoned pros alike - but she loves hydro & can suck up the CO2 like a boss. Treat her right & you could be well rewarded to the tune of 1000 gr/m2 inside or 1500 gr/seed outside. You'll love and bong it!

    The Incredible Bulk strain is a real giant, just like The Rhino - that's why this is the best place to get your new cannabis seeds. We'll make sure you get taken care of with fast shipping, tiny prices & amazing service. Try us on for size!

    Order The Incredible Bulk Seeds Today & Let the Green Monster Loose!

    NB: This Incredible Bulk review is based on breeder stats only. It would be illegal in the UK for The Rhino, or you, to germinate these cannabis seeds to find out if they live up to their reputation. Rhino Seeds sells all weed seeds as collectible souvenirs only.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Thc Level ? High : 15% +
    Cannabis Genetics Big Bud X Super Skunk X Green Spirit
    Flowering Time ? 7-8 weeks
    THC notes 20-24%
    Flowering Outdoors First 1/2 of September
    Yield ? High
    Indoor Yield 600-1000 gr/m2
    Outdoor Yield 800-1500 gr/seed
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    The Incredible Bulk is a flagship cannabis seed from the Dr Krippling collection. Dr Krippling has a real love of this incredible herb, boosting their genetic base to crazy heights for a rapidly expanding selection of feminized & autoflowering seeds with unmatched yield & power ratings. If you're looking for something a notch above the rest, make your next purchase a genuine Dr Krippling strain. You will not be sorry!