Purple Envy
Purple Envy can handle cold nights without a problem, but they won't be needed to turn these rock-hard buds into glitter-coated eye candy! Backed up by DNA from the world's best genetically purple strains like GDP, Urkle & Grape Ape, these THC-fueled beauties always deliver maximum colour, killer bag appeal & a delicious grape aroma that never grows old. Order your Purple Envy Seeds now!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Vivid Colours at Finish
  • Sweet, Fruity Indica
  • Top Quality - Dense!
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Purple Envy Seeds Are Fluff-Free - Rocky, Dense & Coated to the Fans in Frost!

Dreaming of big, dense flowers covered in plump, resin-swollen calyxes dusted with purple glitter? Then snap to it buttercup & order your Purple Envy Feminized Seeds today! The bag appeal alone would make anyone jealous, and that's even before you experience the righteous Indica-dominant buzz that'll hug your body with comfortable relaxation and plaster a happy grin on your face for hours!


  • Purple Envy Finishes in 8 to 11 Weeks
  • Perfect for Indoors or Outside
  • Top Quality - Firm, Dense, Heavy for Size
  • Potent with an Intriguing Aroma

Not only is the Purple Envy Strain a true beauty, she smells and tastes exactly like she looks - sweet, grapey and smooth as silk, especially when you bong it. Even before the high sets in, you'll enjoy every single thing about this premium weed seed. Yes, she really is that good!


Feminised Seeds Purple Envy can be taken as early as 8 weeks into the flowering period, but for maximum colour and visual appeal, let these potent little resin factories go all the way to 10 or even 11 weeks. Your patience will pay off as these mid-sized stunners pack on extra weight and the resin flows all the way to the fans. You will not be disappointed!

Add Some Colour to Your Life - Buy Purple Envy Seeds Today!


Flowering Time
8-12 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Flowering Outdoors
Height Notes
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time Notes
55 to 77 Days
Cannabis Genetics
Multiple Genetically Purple Strains
Medical Notes
Sleep, Appetite, Relaxation

Purple Envy is a new weed seed released for 2017 by the Feminised Seed Company. This colourful Indica combines the best parts from Granddaddy Purps, Grape Ape, Purple Urkle & a few more lesser know but equally fabulous purple strains. This beauty will turn bright purple near the end, so don't get your panties in a twist because she starts off green. Let this 100% feminized seed have all the time she wants & you'll be extremely happy in the end. Order your Purple Envy Cannabis Seeds now!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Vivid Colours at Finish
  • Sweet, Fruity Indica
  • Top Quality - Dense!

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