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Cloud #9 Feminized thumbnail

Cloud #9 Feminized

Cluster Bomb Feminised thumbnail

Cluster Bomb Feminised

Cluster Bomb Feminized combines explosive power, stupendous yields and a greased-lightning finish for an unbelievable new seed. With Cluster Bomb Feminized, seeing is believing! Get yours now!
Cobra Feminized thumbnail

Cobra Feminized

Collection 1 thumbnail

Collection 1

Collection 1 includes three potent medicinal strains including Prozack, Sour Diesel and Channel +. Soothe your body and your mind with Medical Seeds’ Collection 1!
Collection 2 thumbnail

Collection 2

Medical Seeds’ Collection 2 will blow your mind! This sampler includes 1024, 2046 and Jack La Mota, three of the industry’s best medicinal cannabis seeds. Don’t miss this chance to try all three Sativ
Collection 3 thumbnail

Collection 3

Need relief but not sure what to choose? Go with Medical Seeds’ Collection 3 for a wide array of amazing therapeutic cannabis seeds. For one affordable price, you’ll get two seeds each of Y Griega, Bl
Collection 4 thumbnail

Collection 4

Skip the tedious selection process & buy Medical Seeds Collection 4! This value-priced mix pack gives you an in-depth tour of this breeder’s best strains including No Name, Devil Fruit & Malakoff. Col
Collectors Pack 4 thumbnail

Collectors Pack 4

Take a peak into the magical world of Sweet Seeds with their Collectors Pack 4! This collection includes 2 seeds each for Jack 47, Wild Rose & Green Poison.
Collectors Pack 5 thumbnail

Collectors Pack 5

Sweet Seeds does it again with another exciting collection of their most popular feminized seeds. To discover the power behind Sweet Cheese, Snow Fruit & Black Jack, check out Sweet Seeds Collection P
Collectors Special Edition - Indica Pack thumbnail

Collectors Special Edition - Indica Pack

2 seeds of each Indica strain available on Positronics Seeds catalogue: - Black Widow - Critical#47 - Blue Rhino
Collectors Special Edition - Sativa Pack thumbnail

Collectors Special Edition - Sativa Pack

Collectors Special Edition 2 seeds of each Sativa strain available on Positronics Seeds catalogue: - Claustrum - Jack Diesel - Purple Haze#1
Collectors Special Edition 3 thumbnail

Collectors Special Edition 3

Collectors Special Edition !!! >>> 6 chosen seeds of excellent varieties: - Moham Ram - Flash Back#2 - Double White
Colombian Gold Feminised thumbnail

Colombian Gold Feminised

Interesting crossback 25/75 indica/sativa landrace from Colombia., giving as a result a mixture of pure lines come from Santamarta zone.
Colour Mix 1 Outdoors thumbnail

Colour Mix 1 Outdoors

Get the Hottest Outdoor Mix for Lady Lovers! Dutch Passion knows that variety is the spice of life, which is why they have selected a perfect mix of 3 strains of outdoor feminised cannabis seeds an
Colour Mix 3 Indoor thumbnail

Colour Mix 3 Indoor

Colour Mix 4 Indoor thumbnail

Colour Mix 4 Indoor

Colour Mix 5 Indoor thumbnail

Colour Mix 5 Indoor

Colour Mix 6 Autoflowering thumbnail

Colour Mix 6 Autoflowering

Colour Mix 7 Autoflowering thumbnail

Colour Mix 7 Autoflowering

  • Think Different, StarRyder, AutoXtreme
  • Highly Potent Next Generation AutoFems
ComPassion thumbnail



Introducing Dutch Passion's first independently created high-CBD seed, ComPassion! With an equal 7-8% CBD to THC ratio, this is already a Cup winner & a fan favourite.

  • Sativa-Dom Quality, Physical Stones
  • Very Tranquil with No Paranoia

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