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Collectors Special Edition 3 thumbnail

Collectors Special Edition 3

Collectors Special Edition !!! >>> 6 chosen seeds of excellent varieties: - Moham Ram - Flash Back#2 - Double White
Colombian Gold Feminised thumbnail

Colombian Gold Feminised

Interesting crossback 25/75 indica/sativa landrace from Colombia., giving as a result a mixture of pure lines come from Santamarta zone.
Colour Mix 1 Outdoors thumbnail

Colour Mix 1 Outdoors

Get the Hottest Outdoor Mix for Lady Lovers! Dutch Passion knows that variety is the spice of life, which is why they have selected a perfect mix of 3 strains of outdoor feminised cannabis seeds an
Colour Mix 3 Indoor thumbnail

Colour Mix 3 Indoor

Colour Mix 4 Indoor thumbnail

Colour Mix 4 Indoor

Colour Mix 5 Indoor thumbnail

Colour Mix 5 Indoor

Colour Mix 6 Autoflowering thumbnail

Colour Mix 6 Autoflowering

Colour Mix 7 Autoflowering thumbnail

Colour Mix 7 Autoflowering

  • Think Different, StarRyder, AutoXtreme
  • Highly Potent Next Generation AutoFems
ComPassion thumbnail



Introducing Dutch Passion's first independently created high-CBD seed, ComPassion! With an equal 7-8% CBD to THC ratio, this is already a Cup winner & a fan favourite.

  • Sativa-Dom Quality, Physical Stones
  • Very Tranquil with No Paranoia
Connie Chung Female thumbnail

Connie Chung Female


Parents of Connie Chung are LA Confidential and G13, one thing to note - if you had big expectations for this plant, Connie Chung certainly wont let you down, she is a very heavy hitter.

Cotton Candy thumbnail

Cotton Candy

It just doesn’t get any sweeter than Cotton Candy Feminized! This sugary mix of Lavender and Power Plant is sweet, soft and potent with large foxtail nuggs. By the time it finishes, Cotton Candy’s lov
Crazy Miss Hyde thumbnail

Crazy Miss Hyde

Its mother is a cross between a Superskunk and an F1 hybrid that was a vigorous female and its father was a Northern Light Afghani x Skunk x Haze cross. Samsara warns not to smoke TOO MUCH of this
Cream 47 thumbnail

Cream 47

Cream 47 is potent, productive and delightfully fragrant. Covered in dense, sticky nuggs that often reveal blue, purple or red tones, Cream 47 Feminized delights the mind, the eyes and the spirit!
Cream Caramel thumbnail

Cream Caramel

A synthetic variety (S.V.) result of a three way cross-bred between our best indicas, blueBlack x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino. The synthetic varieties share with hybridised varieties an objective
Cream Caramel Auto thumbnail

Cream Caramel Auto

Cream Caramel Auto is a result of Sweet Seeds amazing breeding techniques, Cream caramel Auto was produced by crossing Cream Caramel with some of Sweet Seeds best auto's. This new auto flowering strai
Cream Cheese thumbnail

Cream Cheese


Cream of the Crop gives classic UK Cheese a gourmet twist with a fresh infusion of Afghani genetics. The stench is as strong as ever but just a touch more refined.

  • 400 gr/m2 Inside, 650 gr/m2 Outside
  • Needs 50-60 Days of Bloom
Cream Mandarine thumbnail

Cream Mandarine

With smashing yields and a sweet, citrusy aroma, Cream Mandarine Auto is an exquisite AutoFem! Cream Mandarine Auto only takes about 9 weeks to deliver gigantic, purplish-red nuggs coated in sticky cr
Cream Sodica 2 Limited Edition thumbnail

Cream Sodica 2 Limited Edition

Crimea Blue Seeds thumbnail

Crimea Blue Seeds

A winner of the 2007 Cannabis Cup Indica, Crimea Blue Feminized finishes fast and pumps out the power. Once you get a sample of Crimea Blue Feminized’s delightful mix of Blueberry and Crimean Hash fla
Critical Auto Feminized thumbnail

Critical Auto Feminized

It's Not Merely Important - It's Critical Automatic!

We love a cannabis seed that measures in at 20% better than expected. When it comes to outrageous power, unbelievable yields & savage effects, Critical Auto Feminized is the sh*t!

  • 9 Weeks from Seed - Deep, Relaxing Stones
  • 10-20% Better Than Any Other Critical Mass Auto

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