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Jack Herer Automatic thumbnail

Jack Herer Automatic

Jack Herer Automatic is a Nod to a Weed God!

Original Jack Herer is amazing, but Jack Herer Auto is an even better tribute to a true weed legend. This updated seed puts potent smoke within reach of the masses!

  • Extremely Strong, Extra Fast, Incredibly Easy
  • Very Uplifting - Inspiring, Motivational, Creative
Jack Herer Feminized thumbnail

Jack Herer Feminized

To live up to this legendary name, Jack Herer Feminized must be an epic cannabis seed - and she definitely is! Check out Jack Herer Feminized and meet one of the trippiest beans in the bunch. This one
Jack La mota thumbnail

Jack La mota

Jack la mota. Possibly the best known variety in the international cannabis scene. Created in the honour to the well known pro-activist Jack Herer, It is ideal for SCROG cultivation, and it produces
Jack Plant thumbnail

Jack Plant

Being related to Jack Herer, it is not hard to believe this Cannabis plant is dank. This variety is said to be extremely productive with a satisfying amount of trichome production. In addition, it i
Jackpot Auto thumbnail

Jackpot Auto

With a large number of autoflowering strains now available, it can be really difficult to know which one to choose. Well, look no further; the Heavyweight Seeds team have been busy perfecting the ultimate auto! We’re proud to announce the arrival of Jackpot, an outstanding cross of the legend…
Jacky White thumbnail

Jacky White

Jacky White is classed as Paradise Seeds Finest 75/25 Sativa/Idica Mix. Jacky White is a Sativa hybrid is very stable with only slight variations between indivual cannabis plants.Jacky White is known
Jamaican Dream thumbnail

Jamaican Dream

A breath of fresh air straight from the Islands, Jamaican Dream Feminized fills her stonking yields to the brim with mind-blowing, energizing power! Jamaican Dream Feminized can yield in the kilogram
Jekyll Passion thumbnail

Jekyll Passion

Get Monster Yields with Jekyll Passion Seeds!

If 900 gr/m2 isn't enough for you, you really are a greedy bastard! That's exactly what Jekyll Passion is capable of in just 60-70 days inside or out. She's fabulous!

  • Black Domina X Original Flo
  • 18% THC - 65% Sativa
Jet 47 Feminized thumbnail

Jet 47 Feminized

Jock Horror thumbnail

Jock Horror

Jock Horror finishes faster than Jack Herer while still offering that same intense, uplifting buzz and unbeatable flavour. As a bona fide member of the White Family, Jock Horror practically drips with
Jorge’s Diamonds #1 Feminized thumbnail

Jorge’s Diamonds #1 Feminized

Jorge's Diamond is a very unique resin-packed indica-dominant strain that is potent, sweet, flavorful and incredibly smooth smoking.
Julie's Cookies thumbnail

Julie's Cookies

Fruity/Cinnamon Taste with a Killer 26% THC Rating!

Julie's Cookies surpasses her GSC mother with higher THC, better flavour & higher yields. If you've been itching to try a new Cookie strain, this is the only choice for you!

  • Tastes & Smells Like Cinnamon & Fruitcake
  • Blissful Euphoria Paired With Deep Relaxation
Julie's Cookies Auto thumbnail

Julie's Cookies Auto

Sinful Cinnamon Flavour - 26% THC!

Armed with an irresistible cinnamon & fruitcake flavour, Julie's Cookies Auto wow's us all! And, that's not even counting her 26% THC rating, 600 gr yield or 9-week flash finish. Thank you, sir. Can we have another?

  • Completely Coated in Aromatic Sugar
  • Blissfully Relaxing & Euphoric
Jumping Black Dash Auto thumbnail

Jumping Black Dash Auto

Sweet Black Grape Taste & 17% THC!

With this kind of power, there's no reason not to cut down the time with a high-performance AutoFem like Jumping Black Dash. This one's the shiznit!

  • Rocky & Dense without any Fluff
  • 80 to 85 Day Finishes Inside
K-Train thumbnail


The K-Train is a new creation of Green House Seed Company. We decided to cross the original Trainwreck with original Kush, and the result is impressive to say the least. After careful selection, we
KO Crop Auto thumbnail

KO Crop Auto

Maximum Power, Minimum Time!

For the fastest AK-47 hybrid on the planet, go with COTC's KO Crop Auto! This hard hitter gets the job done in 65 days or less with 400 gr/m2 yields.

  • A Sativa-dominant Powerhouse
  • Tight & Dense with Tons of Resin
KO Kush thumbnail

KO Kush

This indica dominant strain from Heavyweight Seeds is a seriously heavy hitter in all departments. Heavy yields and a heavy, heavy high, K.O. Kush is a must for lovers of all things Kush. A short, dense strain, it develops outwards and not upwards with an abundance of bud covered sides. In fact, the…
Kabala thumbnail


Kabala Autoflowering Cannabis seeds from Seeds of Life are 100% feminized and was bred by crossing Big Low with AK 47. Kabala is predominantly Sativa, elegant, and is one of their Gian autoflowering
Kabrales thumbnail


Like it extra stinky? Then you have to try Kabrales! This feminized seed is so smelly Blim Burn Seeds named it for the most aromatic cheese Spain has to offer. Hardy & beginner friendly, Kabrales is r
Kaia Kush thumbnail

Kaia Kush

The Kaia Kush is a very popular version of the Kush, created by Apothecary Genetics in California, and remastered into the feminized version by Green House Seed Company in 2008-2009. It is a cross of

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