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Melon Gum thumbnail

Melon Gum

Is there anything better than a happy accident? This heavyweight cannabis seed strain was born during a round of experimentation at Dr Underground’s secret laboratory, in which the flavour of Laven
Mendocino Female thumbnail

Mendocino Female

Mexican Sativa Feminized thumbnail

Mexican Sativa Feminized

Strong Head High - 50-Day Finish!

How often do you come across a 70% Sativa capable of finishing in 7 weeks even in cold UK temps while still being able to send you on a bona fide rocket ride? Not too f'ing often - jump on this one while you can!

  • Complex Flavour Profile - Not Hazey
  • Tall & High Yielding - Very Rewarding
Mi5 Feminized thumbnail

Mi5 Feminized

MI5 Feminized is resinous, euphoric and super easy! A rich cross of AK-47 genetics, MI5 Feminized is a potent Indica/Sativa hybrid that will lift you up and make you laugh your ass off.
MiG-29 Automatic thumbnail

MiG-29 Automatic

Ready for take-off? MiG-29 Automatic is a high-flying powerhouse with monster yields & extreme power thanks to G-13 Haze genetics. Fast, fruity & extremely balanced, MiG-29 Automatic will launch you i
Michelle Moist thumbnail

Michelle Moist

Porno Seeds’ Michelle Moist is the sexy little mama they chose to represent their own breed of the Classic NYC Diesel. They say that if you HAVE seen this lady in action then you will DEFINITELY know
Midnight Haze thumbnail

Midnight Haze

Hits Your Head, Then Your Body!

Midnight Haze instantly hits your head with a pleasantly euphoric high that lasts for hours before gently coming back to earth for a restful, relaxing physical stone. Tempted? Give in & order now!

  • Fast for a Sativa at 9 Weeks
  • Very Strong - High THC Levels
Midnight Kush thumbnail

Midnight Kush

Purple Hues & Psychedelic Highs!

Coated in a coat of purple when exposed to cool night air, Midnight Kush is a real beauty with a high resistance to mould & a fast 50-day finish.

  • Extremely Easy to Trim or Train
  • Fresh, Fruity Flavour - Lasting Highs
Midnight Mass thumbnail

Midnight Mass

A legendary Kashmiri / Bubble Candy cross, Midnight Mass is like a call to prayer for all those who worship at the altar of the Ganja Gods. This very special cannabis seed will take you on an odyssey to mystical, faraway lands, all from the comfort of your own couch.  Heavyweight Seeds Midnight…
Mikromachine Auto thumbnail

Mikromachine Auto

With factory-like precision, Mikromachine Auto delivers commercial-grade results to the rank amateur. Mikromachine Auto has the uncanny ability to go from small autoflowering seed to over 300 grams of
Mind Can'Trol thumbnail

Mind Can'Trol

You Won't Be Able to Help Yourself!

Mind Can'Trol is so good you won't be able to resist her charms, not that you'd try! This is one of the most tempting mixes of Skunk & Diesel we've ever seen.

  • Requires 8 to 9 Weeks of Finish
  • Up to 600 gr/m2 of Big, Sticky Nuggs!
Missing Feminized thumbnail

Missing Feminized

Missing from Eva Seeds is new for 2008 and produces a very Zesty Peachy and Orange flavored buds! High resin production and well suited to a sea of green set up you will not be disappointed with Miss
MixGOM AutoFem Package thumbnail

MixGOM AutoFem Package


Powerful things really do come in small packages! To find out for yourself, check out Grass-O-Matic’s MixGOM AutoFem collection. With 10 autoflowering cannabis seeds, MixGOM AutoFem reveals the magic of autoflowering genetics.

Moby Dick thumbnail

Moby Dick

The best known strain in our catalogue, it is also one of the strongest and very typical sativa. It is the result of crossing the 2 best clones of our Mother Plants, a sativa with an indica. Moby
Moby Dick thumbnail

Moby Dick

Just like the great white whale, Moby Dick Feminized is a real monster! This Sativa-dominant strain offers intense power and stunning highs that last forever! Moby Dick Feminized is a potent mix of Ha
Moby Dick #2 Feminized thumbnail

Moby Dick #2 Feminized

Even better than the original, Moby Dick #2 Feminized blows the rest away with 1500-gram yields and 20% THC ratings! Moby Dick #2 is definitely too much for lightweights – only tempt your fate with th
Moby Dick Auto thumbnail

Moby Dick Auto

There she blows! Moby Dick Auto is so juicy she practically bursts with sticky THC! One of the most resinous AutoFems in the DinaFem lineup, Moby Dick Auto literally shines with power!
Moby Hash thumbnail

Moby Hash

Moham Ram thumbnail

Moham Ram

Our personal homage to the father of STS without which our female varieties would not exist and of course we are very grateful to him, and for this reason we have dedicated to him an exceptional plant
Mohan Ram Auto thumbnail

Mohan Ram Auto

Mohan Ram Auto will light you up with an intense, long-lasting high that’s out of this world! A fragrant, sticky mix of White Widow and Sweet Afghani Delicious, Mohan Ram is potent, fast & aromatic.

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