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Kings Kush thumbnail

Kings Kush

Ready to get your ass totally kicked? Kings Kush is just the cannabis seed for the job! 100% feminized & filled to the brim with power, Kings Kush is a lush mix of high-powered OG Kush and yummy Grape
Kiss Dragon thumbnail

Kiss Dragon

No One's Safe When Kiss Dragon is on the Prowl!

Kiss Dragon is a delicious mix of Black Domina & Pure Nepalese Sativa with rich fruit flavour & a yummy caramel fragrance - a little dark, slightly dangerous, but oh-so-good!

  • 18% THC, 60% Indica, Up to 800 gr/seed!
  • Mystical & Introspective - Perfect for Soul Searching!
Knockout (K.O.) Seeds thumbnail

Knockout (K.O.) Seeds

Knockout is a Bona Fide One-Hit Wonder!

Be warned: Knockout is strong enough to kick your ass! Definitely not for the faint-hearted, Knockout is a hardcore Skunk with savage power.

  • Insanely Strong & Extra Dank!
  • Very Rapid, 6-9 Week Finishes
Kong Feminized thumbnail

Kong Feminized

If you are someone who likes to grow absolutely massive buds, then Kong is the plant for you. Kong, aptly named for its guerilla arm sized flowers, is a truly hairy and sweaty beast with a stone of unimaginable proportions.
Kosher Kush thumbnail

Kosher Kush

If you're looking for the absolute best weed of your life, you have to try Kosher Kush Feminized! This super-stinky Indica has won multiple HTCC Cups, a few Spannabis titles and the title of Best Strain of the Year for 2011! With Kosher Kush Feminized, t
Kripple Roulette thumbnail

Kripple Roulette

Win Big with 21% THC!

The power is immense & the yields are massive - that makes every single Kripple Roulette Seed a bona fide winner. Order yours today!

  • Inside: 6/7 weeks for 400 to 750 gr/m2
  • Outside: September for 700 to 1000 gr/seed
Kripple Shock thumbnail

Kripple Shock

Flavour, Quality, Yield & 23% THC!

Shockingly good, this 100% feminized seed combines Critical Mass bulk with Shark Shock power & Cream Caramel's gourmet flavour. Wicked good!

  • Amazing All-Day Smoke
  • 90% Indica with up to 1200 gr/seed!
Krippleberry Auto thumbnail

Krippleberry Auto

Sweet, Smooth & Utterly Devastating!

The clear Blueberry flavour is soft & smooth, but there's nothing gentle about Krippleberry Auto's righteous high. It shoots right past chill & heads directly to baked!

  • Tight, Dense, Compact & Resinous
  • Intense Aroma, 16% THC, 60 Days
Kritic 70 Auto thumbnail

Kritic 70 Auto

Looking for an even easier version of Critical? Kritic 70 Auto transforms this super productive Skunk into a fully autoflowering cannabis seed that gets it done in just 70 days! For high yields and in
Kritikal Bilbo thumbnail

Kritikal Bilbo

Like its parents, Kritical Bilbo produces very heavy and dense flowers that extrude few fan and calyx leaves, simplifying the whole manicuring process. This is a very unique Afghani x Skunk cross tha
Kritikal-K thumbnail


An Even Better Critical Strain!

Kannabia did Critical right with their new Kritikal-K strain. This compact monster pumps out dense, fruity buds to the tune of 650 gr/m2 inside. Stupendous!

  • 60% Indica for Pure, Instant Relaxation
  • Very Fast - 55 Days Inside, September Outside
Kryptonite thumbnail


Not Even Superman Can Resist Kryptonite!

Brand new for 2013, Kryptonite is a high-yielding, high-powered 80% Sativa with extreme narcotic effects. These female seeds could be the fastest Sativa on the planet!

  • Compact, Rock-Hard & Extra Dank - Up to 600 gr/m2!
  • 17% THC; 1.9% CBD; 0.6% CBN - Killer!
Kushadelic Feminized thumbnail

Kushadelic Feminized

You can’t even say Kushedelic without smiling just a little! Go ahead – try it! Potent and uplifting, Kushedelic Feminized is guaranteed to turn your worst day into a bona fide laughfest. Soma himself
Kushage Feminized thumbnail

Kushage Feminized

Get the best of everything Cali with Kushage Feminized! This single cannabis seed combines OG Kush’s overwhelming buzz with SAGE’s crystal-clear highs for the best blaze of your life. If you want it a
Kushberry Feminized thumbnail

Kushberry Feminized

Kushberry Feminized is a tasty mix of OG Kush and Oregon Blueberry that took first place at the 2008 Spannabis Cup. This blend of fruity flavours makes Kushberry Feminized the tastiest medicinal strai
L A Ultra thumbnail

L A Ultra

L A Ultra is a first-class, Indica-dominant hybrid with 23% THC, but Resin Seeds is keeping this feminized seed’s background under tight wraps! If you’re into drama & intrigue, that just gives you one
L.A woman thumbnail

L.A woman

The LA Woman is a match of two MULTI-award winning strains! She is great tasting and VERY strong.
L.A. Confidential thumbnail

L.A. Confidential

LA Confidential Feminized has won so many awards that it’s hard to keep score! A powerful Indica, LA Confidential Feminized is medicinal, energetic and psychedelic. What more could you ask for?
LA Cannalope Feminized thumbnail

LA Cannalope Feminized

LA Cannalope Feminized brings the best of the sunny West Coast home to the foggy UK! Put on your shades & enjoy hit after delicious hit of delicious LA Cannalope Feminized. This yummy hybrid has LA Co
LA Cheese thumbnail

LA Cheese

It’s finally here! LA Cheese won big at the 2010 HTCC, but Big Buddha held tight to this baby until 2012. Brand new for this year, LA Cheese is a mind-blowing mix of a UK classic & a Cali super star!

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