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Snow Ryder thumbnail

Snow Ryder

White Label Seeds would like to point out that the two most important features of SnowRyder are her auto-flowering capability and the sparkling, resin crystals that cover her mature buds like a blanke
Snow White thumbnail

Snow White

Snow White is mostly Indica one of our highest quality selections and is related to White Widow. This plant is a big yielder with dense sticky buds covered in shiny crystals. Well suited for indoor cu
SnowBud Feminized thumbnail

SnowBud Feminized


SnowBud is a hybrid of Afghani and South African genetics. As with Pamir Gold, the selection work is done in the Swiss Alps.

SnowStorm #2 Auto thumbnail

SnowStorm #2 Auto

Snowryder Feminized thumbnail

Snowryder Feminized

Just like dynamite, Snowryder Feminized packs a mega-ton of explosive power in a tiny little package! At just 10 to 15 inches tall, Snowryder Feminized is one of the smallest and most potent autoflowe
SoGouda thumbnail


If you’re a rank amateur, So Gouda will treat you right! Even the legendary Soma says this premium mix of Blueberry, Cheese & G13 Haze is the best choice for beginners. So Gouda Feminized is a 70% Ind
SoMango 47 thumbnail

SoMango 47

How can you pass up a seed that was nicknamed The Beast in its very first year of production? New for 2011, SoMango 47 is burning up the online forums with stories about how good it really is. Buy SoM
Solo Ryder thumbnail

Solo Ryder

As the “Ryder” in the majority of Sagarmatha’s AutoFem Seeds, Solo Ryder is pure autoflowering perfection! Small, stealthy, powerful and covered in a thick coating of powdery-white resin, Solo Ryder i
Somango thumbnail


If you’re in the mood for a refreshing change, Somango’s intense mango flavour will really hit the spot. This uplifting strain is sublime, creative and mentally stimulating. Somango will definitely ge
Somango XL thumbnail

Somango XL

So Fruity, So Strong, So Good!

Sweet flavours, fruity aromas, high yields & functional highs come together to make Somango XL a unique Indica with staying power. She lasts for hours!

  • AKA "The Beast"
  • Hardy & Noob-Friendly
Somativa Feminized thumbnail

Somativa Feminized

Ready to get the party started? Don’t just raise the roof – blow it the f**k up with Somativa Feminized! This perky little Indica is just the thing for any type of social interaction or jammin’ the ni
Sonic Bloom thumbnail

Sonic Bloom Auto

Go from Zero to Hero in 65 Days!

Sonic Bloom Auto is a potent blend of Nepalese & Indian strains with a whopping 18% THC & massive, resin-dripping yields of Indica-dominant dank.

  • Up to 120 cm Indoors
  • Heavy Physical Stones
Sour Blueberry thumbnail

Sour Blueberry

Sour Blueberry is a Californian variety Humboldt Seeds Bank. Sour Blueberry born of the cross between Blueberry, well known for its purple hues and for its fruity flavor and a bitter taste Indica.
Sour Chiesel thumbnail

Sour Chiesel

America's Sour D Jumps the Pond!

East Coast Sour Diesel spices up the UK's Buddha Cheese with a tangy-sweet twist. This resin-encrusted beauty is extremely potent & she's tops for extraction.

  • Dank Citrus Aroma - Like a Stoned Grapefruit
  • 60% Sativa for Major Highs with Some Balance
Sour Cream Feminized thumbnail

Sour Cream Feminized

Sour Diesel thumbnail

Sour Diesel

One of the finest genetics available on the current market. Originally Sativa, with clean and euphoric potent effect, but not very cereal, it is the perfect all day long mate.
Sour Diesel thumbnail

Sour Diesel

Pucker Up Baby - Sour Diesel Just Hit Town!

For 2013, Sour Diesel jumps the pond to bring certified Cali goodness to UK tokers! These female seeds are even better than NYCD with a sour twist & an extra potent kick.

  • Mostly Sativa for Crisp, Clear Highs - Invigorating!
  • Up to 80 Grams per Seed - Stable Feminised Seeds
Sour Diesel #2 thumbnail

Sour Diesel #2

Sour Diesel #2 by Humboldt Seeds is a Sativa dominant strain, is the one who has popularised the Sour taste, being also called as earthy-diesel, with a final touch of pine too.
Sour Diesel Auto thumbnail

Sour Diesel Auto

Sour & Twangy - 17% THC!

This fully automatic seed offers more than speed & simplicity - she's a real powerhouse with plenty of resin and an intense Sour Diesel flavour that's wicked good!

  • Ready in 70 to 75 Days from Seed
  • Milder Aroma than Classic Sour Diesel
Sour Lemon OG Feminized thumbnail

Sour Lemon OG Feminized

Sour Lemon OG Feminized: Up, Active & Social!

Strong enough to make a Buddhist monk give up his sacred vow of silence, Sour Lemon OG Feminized always gets 'em talking for the best party smoke ever!

  • Great Flavour Mix - Lime, Lemon, Sour Apple & Pepper
  • California Sour X Unique Lemon OG Phenotype
Showing 1121-1140 of 1373

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