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Skunk Classic thumbnail

Skunk Classic

An interesting and highly potent flashback to the original Skunk plants and their forebears, to a time when the Sativa elements of the famous hybrid were more pronounced. The original Skunks were bred from Afghani, Mexican and Columbian cannabis. As true-
Skunk Haze Feminized thumbnail

Skunk Haze Feminized

From Ceres Seeds, Skunk Haze has a unique sweet flavor and a very motivational high. Most likely it is what makes dreams so awesome. As a result of the Haze and Skunk cross, the crop is much heavier and the aroma much spicier.
Skunk NL thumbnail

Skunk NL

Skunk Passion Feminized thumbnail

Skunk Passion Feminized


This variety is mainly Sativa and will amaze you with its Sativa yield. The buds are not especially hard, but are RICH in glands and equipped with MANY beautiful long hairs!

Skunk Special thumbnail

Skunk Special

Skunk XL thumbnail

Skunk XL

Pure Pungent Perfection - More Yield, More Stink!

Nothing smells like authentic Skunk, and with Skunk XL, you'll get your fill and then some! This is, without a doubt, one of the highest yielding Skunks ever released!

  • Up to 650 gr/m2 Inside, 675 gr/seed Outside
  • 17% THC, 7 to 8 Week Finish, Medium Size
Skunky Monkey Auto thumbnail

Skunky Monkey Auto

As with all Heavyweight Seeds autos, Skunky Monkey is an incredibly easy and straightforward marijuana seed. As there’s no need to change light cycles, the process is really simple and the end results are outstanding. Skunky Monkeys production is positively rampant, although the weed seed will…
Skywalker Feminized thumbnail

Skywalker Feminized


Skywalker is a hybrid product of a Mazar female and a Blueberry male. The intention of Dutch Passion was to create one of the best Indicas in the WHOLE WORLD.

Sleestack thumbnail


Sleestacks Buds are frosty with loads of resin. This is the ultimate hash making plant, the yields are massive and the flavor awesome!
Sleestack X Skunk thumbnail

Sleestack X Skunk

Sleestack X Skunk, or SleeSkunk as it’s sometimes called, tops the charts in the hash world! This tasty, resinous strain delivers great yields in practically no time with uplifting highs and a funky l
Smile thumbnail


Following the true power of this ultra rapid Sativa dominant hybrid from germination to production will surprise you like nothing else.‭ ‬The Indico male used in this mix lessens the heig
Smile Automatic thumbnail

Smile Automatic

Producing a satisfying main cola,‭ ‬Smile Automatic‭’‬s flavor is typical of the non-Automatic variety,‭ ‬but with a hint of fermented strawberry‭’‬s th
Smurfberry Automatic thumbnail

Smurfberry Automatic

Every wonder why those bright blue Smurfs are always so frickin’ happy? Take a hit of Smurfberry Automatic, the world’s fastest, sweetest Blueberry, and discover a little magic of your own. Smurfberry
Snow Fruit thumbnail

Snow Fruit

With a minty aroma & toasted-almond flavour, Snow Fruit Feminized is a monstrous strain with high yields, high THC & high CBD! Snow Fruit Feminized is all you’ll ever need in a feminized seed.
Snow Ryder thumbnail

Snow Ryder

White Label Seeds would like to point out that the two most important features of SnowRyder are her auto-flowering capability and the sparkling, resin crystals that cover her mature buds like a blanke
Snow White thumbnail

Snow White

Snow White is mostly Indica one of our highest quality selections and is related to White Widow. This plant is a big yielder with dense sticky buds covered in shiny crystals. Well suited for indoor cu
SnowBud Feminized thumbnail

SnowBud Feminized


SnowBud is a hybrid of Afghani and South African genetics. As with Pamir Gold, the selection work is done in the Swiss Alps.

SnowStorm #2 Auto thumbnail

SnowStorm #2 Auto

Snowryder Feminized thumbnail

Snowryder Feminized

Just like dynamite, Snowryder Feminized packs a mega-ton of explosive power in a tiny little package! At just 10 to 15 inches tall, Snowryder Feminized is one of the smallest and most potent autoflowe
SoGouda thumbnail


If you’re a rank amateur, So Gouda will treat you right! Even the legendary Soma says this premium mix of Blueberry, Cheese & G13 Haze is the best choice for beginners. So Gouda Feminized is a 70% Ind
Showing 1141-1160 of 1409

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