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Big Bang Auto thumbnail

Big Bang Auto

Medicinal marijuana shouldn’t be hard! Big Bang AutoFem takes most of the work out of this potent strain with autoflowering, feminized cannabis seeds. Physically soothing and mentally calming, Big Ban
Green House Auto Bomb thumbnail

Green House Auto Bomb

Totally hardcore, Green House Auto Bomb is a hard-hitting cannabis seed with a fast-acting, deeply relaxing stone that forces all the tension right out of your body. Auto Bomb makes reaching the 50-gr
Green House Seeds Northern Lights Auto thumbnail

Green House Seeds Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights is one of the easiest strains for indoors, but NL Auto is insanely simple! A real hard-hitter, NL Auto balances uplifting highs with hard-core stones that last for hours.
Green-O-Matic thumbnail


Fast acting with enduring highs, Green-O-Matic is mild enough for any time of day and easy enough for any experience level. For true “set it and forget it” convenience, check out Green-O-Matic, a fool
Kalishnikova Auto thumbnail

Kalishnikova Auto

Add a brand new weapon to your arsenal of high-powered weed! Kalishnikova Auto only takes 7 weeks to deliver up to 800 gr/m2 of spicy smoke that hits the body like a speeding bullet. Deeply physical,
Lucid Bolt thumbnail

Lucid Bolt

Lucid Bolt delivers a rare high that’s both relaxing and mentally clear. If you’d like to kick back without losing your mental edge, Lucid Bolt is the perfect choice.
Mix Pack thumbnail

Mix Pack

The New Era Genetics Mix Pack is the most efficient and affordable way to discover the full power of medicinal cannabis seeds. With the Mix Pack, you’ll receive two Indicas, two Sativas and six random strains from this top-rated breeder’s gene pool – some
Moby Dick thumbnail

Moby Dick

Just like the great white whale, Moby Dick Feminized is a real monster! This Sativa-dominant strain offers intense power and stunning highs that last forever! Moby Dick Feminized is a potent mix of Ha
Sugar Mango Ryder thumbnail

Sugar Mango Ryder

Deliciously sweet and extremely powerful, Sugar Mango Ryder is a decadent trip filled with rich flavours, strong effects and amazing yields! Enjoy all this plus full autoflowering capabilities with Su
Super Critical Auto thumbnail

Super Critical Auto

Super Critical Auto makes one of Green House Seeds’ best strains even better! Now, even beginners can achieve their goals with humongous yields of physically relaxing blaze in just 7 weeks.
Sweet Coffee Ryder thumbnail

Sweet Coffee Ryder

Start your day off right with Sweet Coffee Ryder! As the perfect morning cannabis seed, Sweet Coffee Ryder takes the edge off and instantly lifts your mood!
Sweet Mango Auto thumbnail

Sweet Mango Auto

As one of the tastiest autoflowering seeds going, Sweet Mango Auto is a delicious mix of sweet tropical fruit and intense sour flavours. With a 7-week finish, Sweet Mango Auto goes from seed to weed i
The OG #18 thumbnail

The OG #18

A multi-cup champion, The OG #18 is an extraordinary OG Kush phenotype that’s so good it deserves its very own name. The OG #18 is bigger, fatter, stronger & stickier than any other OG Kush variety.
Showing 1-13 of 13

Taking Autoflowering Technology to Higher Levels!

Since opening their doors more than 25 years ago, the Green House Seed Company has led the way for the entire cannabis community with a vast array of groundbreaking genetic blends and more than 50 major Cups to their credit.

Now, this illustrious crew has funneled their collective brain power into creating potent autoflowering cannabis seeds that exceed the world's highest expectations by quantum leaps & bounds!

  • Autoflowering Strains Backed By the Biggest Name in the Industry
  • Brand-New Hybrids and Improved Versions of Your Favourite Cannabis Seeds
  • Developed Using Award-Winning Breeding Stock

With an award-winning international gene pool at their fingertips, the Green House crew has created some of the highest performing AutoFems we've ever seen.

These super-easy feminized seeds deliver the power, yield, flavour and effects that you demand with rapid timeframes that defy the imagination. Why not let the biggest name in the cannabis world make your life a little simpler and a whole lot better?

Green House isn't the only cannabis giant who's looking out for your best interests. In an effort to keep his herd as happy as a troop of monkeys with a butt-load of bananas, The Rhino bends over backwards (quite a feat for an ungulate!) to lower prices, speed up shipping and keep the customer service helpful and friendly. Improve your quality of life with premium autoflowering marijuana seeds and the Rhino white-glove treatment!

Buy Potent Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Developed by the Green House Seed Company Today!