Afghani is the original Indica strain used in so many legendary hybrids. Why settle for a watered down version when you can go right to the source for maximum power? Afghani is best known for its hashy features, but it’s also extremely medicinal.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 100% Indica
  • Potent Medicinal Strain
  • Finishes in Just 8 Weeks
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Go Directly to the Source for Raw, Unbridled Power with Afghani Cannabis Seeds!

Wanna start a fight? Tell a bunch of weed-hungry MMJ patients that you’ve got original Afghani, but not enough for everyone. Just don’t be surprised if you’re the one who takes the pounding!

Afghani Seeds are pure, 100%, unadulterated Indica. This breed of cannabis seeds is known for their intense medicinal power that reaches to the core for the deepest level of physical relief. If you’re looking for the absolute best MMJ, this is it!

  • The Best MMJ Comes from Afghani Cannabis Seeds!
  • 100% Indica – Sourced from Pure Landrace Strains
  • Speedy Finish – Generous Yields
  • 100% Guaranteed to Please by The Rhino!

There’s a good reason Afghanistan Hash is considered the very best. It’s because that crazy sh*t is made from the pure landrace strains that make up Afghani Cannabis Seeds. If you’re into hash, you’re going to go bananas when you try this one!

It only takes about 8 weeks of bloom for Afghani to deliver about 375 grams of rocky, crystal-coated nuggs for the smoothest smoke of your life. These specific cannabis seeds are value-packed regular beans, but Rhino Seeds also sells a very stable Afghani Feminized for a great price if you swing that way.

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100% indica
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds

Buy Afghani Cannabis Seeds from Rhino Seeds and you could get a full refund without giving up your precious little beans! After your order arrives, keep an eye on your inbox. In a few days, you’ll receive an official invitation to provide The Rhino with a customer testimonial.

Use the included link to give us a little feedback and we’ll automatically enter you in our Feedback Giveback contest. About twice a month, The Rhino picks a luck entry at random and gifts that customer with a full refund of their complete order. If he’s feeling generous, he might even toss in an extra fiver for good measure. Buy Afghani today and you could win big!

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 100% Indica
  • Potent Medicinal Strain
  • Finishes in Just 8 Weeks

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In the early years, Amsterdam-based Homegrown Fantaseeds took full advantage of an amazing opportunity to take over Positronic's gene pool. Using these legendary strains, Homegrown Fantaseeds produced seed after potent cannabis seed each and every year. With a stellar reputation that includes being named High Times' Best Seed Company of 1998, this Amsterdam giant is responsible for some of the finest connoisseur strains available today including Blueberry Haze, Armageddon and Homegrown Cheese. If you're an amateur collector, Homegrown Fantaseeds will make your wildest weed dreams come true!