Looking for a deep, physical stone that leaves your mind intact & functional? Motavation is your kinda cannabis seed! Filled to the brim with couch-locking power, Motavation is an Indica-dominant resin factory that lets your creative juices flow.
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    Free shipping and seeds


    Looking for a Couchlocker that Won’t Cloud Your Thoughts? Give Motavation a Try!

    Motavation is an Indica-dominant feminized cannabis seed that delivers a strong, couch-locking stone that relaxes the body completely while allowing your mind to function at peak performance. It’s a wicked combination!

    With a predominance of Indica genetics, Motavation Feminized is short & squatty with a reasonable amount of stretch during the very short 50 to 60-day finish. Resin levels are extremely generous – in fact, you’ll be tempted to skip the trim with these babies!

    • Motavation is a Couch-Locking Indica
    • Rapid Finishes – Only 7 to 8 Weeks
    • International Cannagraphic Cup Champion
    • CFL-Friendly Indoor Feminized Seeds

    These feminized seeds have an intense, sweet fragrance with notes of fresh paint or turpentine. Motavation Seeds do best inside, and they’re pretty happy with CFLs.

    Magus Genetics Motavation delivers mid-sized yields of good, dank smoke. That’s why these babies took top honours at the International Cannagraphic cup for best Indica. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

    10 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    7-8 weeks
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Flowering Time Notes
    50 to 60 Days

    Buy Motavation Cannabis Seeds and fill your collection with championship genetics. Like many of Magus Genetics’ premium strains, this one has won a major cup. Motavation took first place as the best Indica at the 2005 International Cannagraphic.

    For the absolute best shopping experience, buy Motavation from Rhino Seeds! We offer extra-low prices, super-fast delivery and a completely secure ordering process. Plus, our discreet packaging means your secret will be completely safe. Order today for the best way to purchase 5-star cannabis seeds.

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    Magus Genetics officially started operations in Amsterdam in 2005, but their founder, Gerrit, has roots in the cannabis trade that can be traced all the way back to the late 1980s. As an amateur grower, Gerrit accidentally crossed Afghani with Skunk to create Warlock, a legendary strain that won top honors at the 1998 HTCC. Based on this powerful cannabis seed, he's created a small but exclusive set of high-grade hybrids that are extremely homogenous, very potent and awesomely aromatic. According to Magus Genetics, “less is more!”, especially when it comes to thoroughbred weed seeds. Join the Rhino in experiencing the magic of original Warlock, high-yielding Double Dutch or ultra-sweet Early Biddy.