Biddy Early
If you’re in a cold, outdoor climate, nothing’s better than Biddy Early. This exceptional cannabis seed finishes early, stands up to harsh weather & even turns red & purple with cold air. To top it off, Biddy Early is a Highlife & HTCC winner!
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    Free shipping and seeds


    Biddy Early is a Double-Threat with Wins at Both Highlife & the High Times Cannabis Cup!

    If you have a favourite outdoor spot, fill it with Magus Genetics Biddy Early, a rapid, high-performance cannabis seed that only reveals its true beauty in a natural environment.

    The experts at Highlife definitely agree that Biddy Early Seeds are one of the best outdoor strains on the planet. These potent weed seeds won big at the 2004 competition for best Outdoor breed! Biddy Early also took 2nd place in 2003 at HTCC for best Sativa.

    • Biddy Early is the Perfect Outdoor Seed
    • Fast, Strong & Prolific!
    • A Real Champ at Both HTCC & Highlife
    • Vibrant Red & Purple Colours in Lower Temps

    Biddy Early Cannabis Seeds smell sweet like candy and deliver a fairly strong effect. These marijuana seeds are too much for day-time unless you’re highly tolerant, but they’re far from couch-locking party killers.

    Many outdoor collectors are fine with standard cannabis seeds, but Rhino Seeds also sells feminized Biddy Early weed seeds if you’d like to step up your game. Check ‘em out!

    This description of Biddy Early Cannabis Seeds is based on material provided by Magus Genetics. To learn more, please see the Rhino Seedsdisclaimer page.

    10 Seeds
    Recommended Outdoor
    Flowering Time
    7-9 weeks
    Flowering Outdoors
    September to October
    Height Notes
    1.8 to 2 Meters
    Cup Winner
    Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    HTCC & Highlife
    Flowering Time Notes
    50 to 60 Days

    For the best prices and the fastest shipping in the UK, buy Biddy Early Cannabis Seeds from The Rhino! At Rhino Seeds, we never stop working to save you money and make your shopping experience the best ever. How else would we keep our hungry herd coming back for more?

    In the UK, it’s perfectly legal to collect as many cannabis seeds as you want, but germinating or cultivation them is a crime in almost every case. In some other countries, it’s illegal to even possess a viable weed seed. For more information before you buy Biddy Early, check out the Rhino Seeds’ disclaimer page.

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    Biddy Early is an extremely fast outdoor cannabis seed created by Magus Genetics. This Dutch breeder is famous for developing unique strains to satisfy each niche within the cannabis community. If you have specific needs, you’ll have no problem finding a high-performance marijuana seed within the exclusive Magus Genetics’ catalog that will easily exceed your wildest expectations. Order yours today!