Biddy Sister
You can’t go wrong with a genuine Highlife Cup champion! Biddy Sister took top honours as the best outdoor cannabis seed at that prestigious competition in 2008! Add a real winner to your collection with high-performance Biddy Sister!
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    Free shipping and seeds


    Take It to the Next Level with Biddy Sister, the 2008 Highlife Cup Winner for Best Outdoor Seed

    In wide open spaces, Biddy Sister is an extremely vigorous strain that can reach epic heights for monster results. Curious enough, these cannabis seeds do just as well inside in SOG with a much shorter structure than their half-sibling Biddy Early.

    Biddy Sister Seeds did get a little brittle during the testing phase resulting in some breakage under the tremendous weight. The breeders found that extra support and keeping these marijuana seeds out of the wind helped tremendously.

    • Biddy Sister a Real Champion
    • Early Skunk X Sensi Star
    • Fully Tested & Sealed in the Breeder Pack
    • High-Performance Regular Cannabis Seeds

    In the breeding rooms of Magus Genetics, Biddy Sister fills the space with a heavy, sweet smell before she even enters the finish. Afterward, these cannabis seeds still have a touch of sugary goodness, but the aroma is more of a minty fragrance.

    Rhino Seeds only stocks Biddy Sister Cannabis Seeds in a standard format at this time, but we do have both Biddy Early Regular and Biddy Early Feminized in stock and priced lower than anyone else in the UK. Check ‘em out!

    10 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    7-8 weeks
    Cup Winner
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    2008 Highlife Cup - Outdoor
    Cannabis Genetics
    Early Skunk X Sensi Star

    For a pleasant effect that’s got plenty of power, buy Biddy Sister Cannabis Seeds. These weed seeds are relaxing but never devastating – a great way to enjoy the day without a bit of couchlock.

    Buy Biddy Sister at Rhino Seeds for a stress-free shopping experience. We offer fast deliveries, discreet packaging, friendly customer service and an unbeatable best-price guarantee. Ordering 5-star cannabis seeds has never been easier!

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    Biddy Sister is a potent cannabis seed created by the Magus Genetics brand. Based in Amsterdam, Magus Genetics is a major player in the Dutch cannabis trade with a small collection of absolutely perfect strains. Never willing to settle for good enough, Magus Genetics continues to refine each one of their cannabis seeds year after year.