Who couldn’t use a little Motavation? This couch-locking Indica relaxes your body & sets your mind free! With Motavation Seeds onboard, it might take awhile to put your plans in action, but you won’t have any problem making them.
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    Free shipping and seeds


    Need a Little Creative Inspiration? Get It with Motavation Cannabis Seeds!

    Motavation locks your body to the couch and sets your mind free. Only problem is all those way-cool plans will have to wait for hours before you can put a single one into action.

    These Indica-dominant weed seeds are short & squatty with just a touch of stretch and tons of resin. With goo that reaches all the way to the fans, you'll never want to trim your Motavation Seeds. (Here's a tip - save the cuttings.)

    • Motavation is a Potent Couch-Locker
    • Very Fast Finishes – 50 to 60 Days
    • Best Indica at the International Cannagraphic Cup
    • Recommended for Indoors – CFL Friendly

    Magus Genetics’ Motavation fills the air with a powerful fragrance that’s very sweet with a little something extra that smells kind of like fresh paint or turpentine. Motavation Seeds are perfect for closets and most other indoor locations, and they dig CFLs!

    With a 50 to 60 day finish, Motavation is about as fast as they come. Yields are mid-sized with a generous helping of rich, rocky nuggs. Plus, this dank weed took top honours for best Indica at the International Cannagraphic Cup in 2005, and that says it all!

    10 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    7-8 weeks
    Cup Winner
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    1st Place Indica 2005 International Cannagraphic Cup
    Flowering Time Notes
    50 to 60 Days

    If you never settle for anything less than championship genetics, buy Motavation Cannabis Seeds and add another winner to your stable of thoroughbreds. Magus Genetics is famous for creating absolutely perfect strains, and Motavation is no exception!

    Rhino Seeds has earned an equally impressive reputation for low prices, fast delivery, friendly customer service and the best selection of 5-star cannabis seeds on the Internet. Buy Motavation from The Rhino today and discover a better way to buy premium marijuana seeds!

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    Motavation is an intense, Indica-dominant cannabis seed sold under the Magus Genetics brand. Magus Genetics is famous for taking their strains to the very limits of refinement to create absolutely perfect new blends. Every single one is a study in stability, uniformity, power & mind-blowing effects. You simply can’t make a better choice than a genuine Magus Genetics’ weed seed!