Capable of an incredible 29% THC, Warlock is the founding member of the Magus Genetics collection. A stunning Indica-dominant cannabis seed with Sativa-like features, Warlock has won several times at the High Times Cannabis Cup!
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    Once Warlock Puts You Under Its Trippy Spell, It’ll Never Let You Go!

    Gerrit of Magus Genetics’ fame must be the luckiest b*stard in the cannabis industry. By accident, he crossed an Afghani with a Skunk back in the early 1980s & came up with Warlock. Some guys get all the breaks!

    From there, Warlock became one of the most popular items at the legendary Bluebird Coffeeshop winning this weedery its own Cannabis Cup. Order today to get your own set of Warlock Seeds!

    • Warlock is a Rare Cannabis Cup Winner!
    • Incredibly Strong, Sweet Aroma
    • Relatively Fast at 55 to 60 Days
    • Medium Results – Up to 29% THC

    After that, Gerrit began creating new strains based on turbo-charged Warlock Cannabis Seeds. Today, Magus Genetics has a small, exclusive offering of completely unique breeds based on this exceptional genetic mix.

    Magus Genetics’ Warlock has revealed an insane 29% THC level in lab tests. It’s a rare Indica-dominant weed seed that has many of Sativa’s best features including plenty of energy and an elongated appearance.

    This description of Warlock Cannabis Seeds is based on information provided by Magus Genetics. Please see the Rhino Seeds disclaimer page for more info.

    10 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    8-9 weeks
    Thc Level
    High : 15% +
    Yield Notes
    Flowering Outdoors
    October to November
    Cup Winner
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    High Times Cannabis Cup
    THC Notes
    Up to 29%
    Flowering Time Notes
    55 to 60 Days
    Cannabis Genetics
    Afghani X Skunk

    To get this stunning strain at the lowest price, buy Warlock Cannabis Seeds from The Rhino! The Big Man does whatever’s needed to get the best deals on 5-star weed seeds from world-class breeders like Magus Genetics, and he always passes those savings on to you.

    Don’t get so excited after you buy Warlock that you break the law. In some places like the UK, it’s legal to buy, sell and collect 5-star cannabis seeds, but you can’t germinate, cultivate or propagate them without a special license. In other areas, it’s a no-go for everything. Check out Rhino Seeds’ disclaimer statement for more information.

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    Warlock is a high-powered cannabis seed developed by the Magus Genetics brand. Magus Genetics is a highly respected Dutch seed company that breeds consistent award-winning strains of the highest quality. With only a small number of completely unique weed seeds in their collection, Magus Genetics focuses on perfection rather than volume. With this breeder, less really is more!