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Alpujarrena thumbnail


Alpujarrena is Super Freaky - 1000+ Meters Possible!

Alpujarrena has what it takes to thrive in the most challenging conditions - like the extreme cold of 1,000+ heights in her native Sierra Nevada mountains. She's a real beast inside or out with a super-rapid finish & max yield!

  • 90% Indica, 600 gr/m2 Yields, 17.5% THC
  • Fast Flowering Feminized Seeds from Granada
Anesthesia thumbnail


Warning: Enjoy Anesthesia in Extreme Moderation!

Anesthesia is one of the best Indicas out there. Get ready to have your ass kicked with the first hit unless you're a 24-hour toker - She's a true couchlocker!

  • Up to 500 gr/m2 with a 55 to 60 Day Finish Inside
  • Northern Lights X Black Domina - 17% THC!
Blue Pyramid thumbnail

Blue Pyramid

Ready to Scale the Heights of Blue Pyramid?

Brand new & destined to be a true legend, Blue Pyramid has it all! These cannabis seeds are 80% Indica with 22% THC & 600 gr/m2 yields. Get these monsters while you can!

  • Extreme Physical Relaxation - Soothing
  • 50-55 Day Finish - Very Affordable
Fresh Candy thumbnail

Fresh Candy

Fresh Candy is the Ultimate Sweet Tooth Pheno!

If you're a Sweet Tooth fan, don't miss out on Pyramid Seeds' new Fresh Candy. These feminized seeds are the absolute best pheno from the original 2001 creation with fresh, candy-like flavors. Sweeeet!

  • Very Fast 50 to 60 Day Finish - Distinct India Lean
  • Easy & Beginner Friendly - Slacker Weed!
Galaxy thumbnail


Get Branch-Breaking Yields with Galaxy!

Galaxy has plenty of power & a fast finish, but her drought-busting yields make her a standout cannabis seed. Put these babies in your collection & you'll never go without!

  • Afghan X Northern Lights - Indica Perfection
  • 450 gr/m2 Yields, 55 to 60 Days, 15% THC
Kryptonite thumbnail


Not Even Superman Can Resist Kryptonite!

Brand new for 2013, Kryptonite is a high-yielding, high-powered 80% Sativa with extreme narcotic effects. These female seeds could be the fastest Sativa on the planet!

  • Compact, Rock-Hard & Extra Dank - Up to 600 gr/m2!
  • 17% THC; 1.9% CBD; 0.6% CBN - Killer!
Lennon Feminised thumbnail

Lennon Feminised

Lennon Feminised is a Legendary Pyramid Seed!

Lennon Feminized is a fitting tribute to both the most famous Beatle & everyone's favourite weed man, Jack Herer. You'll love this Sativa-dominant weed seed!

  • 18% THC, 500 gr/m2, Incredibly Hazey
  • Dreamlike Jack Herer Hybrid - Psychedelic!
Nefertiti thumbnail


Wicked Good, Nefertiti Won Best Hydro at Spannabis!

And you can't beat that with a Thai stick! Nefertiti is a potent cross of White Widow & the dark & lovely Black Widow with 20% THC & 400 gr/m2 yields.

  • 70 to 75 Day Finish - Sativa-Dominant
  • Very Manageable at Under 90 cm - So Easy!
New York City thumbnail

New York City

Get Down & Dirty with New York City!

New York City is a premium mix of NYC Diesel & Jack Herer. Urban & edgy, this 70% Sativa has an incredible flavour paired with 17% THC. These cannabis seeds are jaw-dropping good!

  • 80 Days or Less - Rapid for Sativa-Dom Seeds
  • 500 Gram Yields - A Real Mind-Blower!
Northern Light thumbnail

Northern Light

A long-time champion, Northern Light is the gold standard for beginners & easy indoor grows. Pyramid Seeds’ Northern Light is no weak imitation; this version is the best & rarest phenotype of the orig
Pipi thumbnail


Pipi’s name might be small, but nothing else is! This intense combination of Power Plant & White Widow has massive, 500-gram yields and 17% THC. Pipi’s short enough for stealth, but she’s a real giant
Pyramid Limited Edition thumbnail

Pyramid Limited Edition

Every Pyramid seed is special, but some are easier to market than others. Rather than waste a top-notch feminized seed because of a minor flaw, this breeder offers these stunning cannabis seeds to you
Super Hash thumbnail

Super Hash

Ready to get your extraction game on? Stock up on Super Hash cannabis seeds and make it happen! Super Hash is covered in THC-laced resin from the tip of her posh nuggs right down to her sexy stems. Th
Tiburon (Shark) thumbnail

Tiburon (Shark)

If you’re looking for an everyday smoke with biting power, check out Tiburon, AKA Shark! You’ll definitely feel the teeth on these feminized seeds, but Tiburon is no couchlocker. These cannabis seeds
Tutankhamon thumbnail


This AK-47 will Blow Your Mind - 23% THC!

Energy Control tested Tutankhamon at Spannabis 2011 & the numbers were astronomical at a full 23% THC. It's the absolute strongest strain on the planet so far!

  • Ginormous Yields - Up to 1500 gr Outside
  • Very Fast - 60 Day Finishes
Wembley thumbnail


Make your taste buds sizzle with a big hit of Wembley! This delicious mix of AK47 & Bubble Gum is world famous for its intense flavour & compact, sticky nuggs. Wembley is an 80% Indica strain with 16%
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

Intense, high-yielding, potent and tasty, White Widow Feminized is a proven crowd-pleaser! With White Widow Feminized, you could have more crystal-studded weed than you can handle in about 8 tiny week
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