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G13 Haze x Somango thumbnail

G13 Haze x Somango

One of the most flavourful haze hybrids. The taste is a gentle breeze, but the effect is cataclysmic. With a smooth, sweet character that would make a fine liqueur, the Somango lends a tropical qualit
G13 Haze x Somativa thumbnail

G13 Haze x Somativa

G13 Haze x White Light thumbnail

G13 Haze x White Light

G13 Haze x White Willow thumbnail

G13 Haze x White Willow

G13 Skunk thumbnail

G13 Skunk

Gamma Berry thumbnail

Gamma Berry

Potent & Long-Lasting - Up to 28% THC!

Bruce Banner #5 is backcrossed to her Strawberry Diesel father for an enhanced berry fragrance & more balanced high. At 28% THC, the potency is barely impacted.

  • Extra Heavy Yields
  • Needs 65 to 70 Days of Bloom
Ganesh thumbnail


Ganesh was specially created for the 5th anniversary of Mandala Seeds. They recreated theirr exotic, high-class indica-sativa hybrid ‘Yamuna’ from the ‘Limited Collector’s Ganesh Edition’, which was
Gardener`s Choice thumbnail

Gardener`s Choice

Random mix of Sagarmatha seeds. These seeds are collected from the same stock as our premier seeds and research stock used in producing our end products.The genetic information has not been compromize
Genie of the Lamp thumbnail

Genie of the Lamp

Homegrown Fantaseeds - Genie of the Lamp is a cross NYC Diesel / Big Bud. These are delicate buds with tiny leaves and lots of orange coli. There is a fine amount of crystals covering all surfaces.
Ghandi thumbnail


Ghostrider V2.0 thumbnail

Ghostrider V2.0

GhFlavors range from sour lemon/pinesol kush to more hashy/earthy undertones (from The White). ostrider V2.0 is a cross of The White (Krome cut) and my Biker Kush V1.0 male.
Goji OG thumbnail

Goji OG

Gold Star thumbnail

Gold Star

Golden Tiger thumbnail

Golden Tiger

Golden Tiger is a stately beast filled with ancient Sativa power! A mix of two exotic landrace strains, Golden Tiger offers enhanced vigour, raging potency, savage yields & mind-blowing psychedelic ef
Golden Triangle thumbnail

Golden Triangle

Goldfinger thumbnail


The F1 hybrids guarantee huge solid flowers that are just saturated with trichomes. Goldfinger’s parents are Holy Grail (Super Silver Cross) x Kong. The high is said to transport people into deep contemplation and a meditative state
Grape God thumbnail

Grape God

Grape Kush thumbnail

Grape Kush

The flowers finish between 7 and 9 weeks and give off strong and sharp fruity aromas that have distinct sweet grape flavors that become more apparent after curing. The long lasting powerful high of G
Grape Smuggler thumbnail

Grape Smuggler

Grape Stomper OG Regular Seeds thumbnail

Grape Stomper OG Regular Seeds


Latest Regular Cannabis Seeds review

Full Moon

organicboy, 06 June 2011