Shed you inhibitions at the alter of Sagarmatha Seeds Stonehedge. A fitting tribute to a more savage time, Stonehenge Cannabis Seeds are filled with raw Sativa power and an overwhelming high that pushes your spirit to the highest reaches!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Sagarmatha Seeds Stonehedge is a magical cannabis seed that’s as monumental and mysterious as its namesake. This near-pure Sativa encases the mind and frees the soul with a nearly overpowering high.

    Sagarmatha Seeds Stonehedge has a creeping effect, but don’t let the delayed onset fool you. This is strong shit! Until you’re familiar with this marijuana seed’s potent effects, take it easy. Too much won’t kill you, but it’ll take forever to come back to planet Earth!

    • Stonehenge is Mostly Old-School Cambodian with a Touch of Western Winds
    • Long-Lasting Creeper that’s Almost Overpowering
    • Hashy, Sweet Flavours & Pleasant Aromas
    • 350gr/m2 with a 65-Day Finish – Amazing for this Kind of Quality

    At one meter tall, Sagarmatha Seeds Stonehedge is a very vigorous weed seed capable of supporting its mega yield without extra support. We guarantee you’ll love the massive dose of sticky THC crystals and sweet, hashy flavours of this stimulating smoke.

    As the largest and densest Sativa in Sagarmatha Seeds’ collection, Stonehenge Seeds easily took 2nd place at the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998. This championship weed seed is sure to take a place of honour in any collection!

    Flowering Outdoors
    Height Notes
    Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Strain Notes
    creeper quality: first eyedroop, followed by full relaxation. Long-lasting high.
    Flowering Time Notes
    65 days
    Indoor Yield
    350 grams per square meter

    When you buy Sagarmatha Seeds Stonehedge Cannabis Seeds from the Rhino, you’ll get the absolute lowest price on your new weed seeds! The Big Man stops at nothing to get our set of world-class breeders to give huge discounts that he can pass on to you.

    In fact, we’re pretty sure we heard the Rhino tell the Sagarmatha rep that he was thinking about starting a new tradition down the road at the real Stonehenge. Who knows exactly what that meant, but those prices dropped immediately! Take advantage of this awesome deal and buy Stonehenge today!

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    Named for the frosty peaks of Mt. Everest, nothing takes you higher than Sagarmatha Seeds! With more than 20 years of experience, this Amsterdam breeder offers the most impressive line of cannabis seeds in regular, feminized and automatic formats. Every single one is 100% organic and propagated in indoor grow rooms under the strictest environmental and quality controls. Why not join Sagarmatha Seeds' “Plant the Seed” movement and help spread world peace through sharing of the weed?