Stupersonic Auto
Perfected in Sweden, Stupersonic Auto puts out a ton of tasty blaze even if the season is short or the weather is harsh. For a super-fast autoflowering seed with highs that’ll blow your mind, give Stupersonic Auto a try.
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Stupersonic Auto works like a charm in conditions that send other strains running home to mum. Unlike most cannabis seeds that love the warm Mediterranean sun, this autoflowering bean thrives in the coldest climates.

    Short seasons don’t bother this hardy strain, either. Developed in Sweden, Sagarmatha Seeds’ Stupersonic Auto doesn’t need a tremendous amount of natural or artificial light to get the job done.

    • Stupersonic Auto Features Outstanding Swedish Genetics
    • Autoflowering Strain - Perfect for Cold Climates & Short Seasons
    • Stratospheric Head Highs!
    • Backed by the Rhino’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

    This baby’s highs are stupendous! According to the Rhino, Stupersonic Auto Seeds will get you so wasted you’ll feel like you’ve landed in a whole different dimension. That’s definitely enough to earn his personal stamp of approval!

    In addition to his personal recommendation, the Rhino’ll give you a great deal on Stupersonic Auto Cannabis Seeds. He works around the clock talking our suppliers into dropping their prices on the freshest beans in town. Why not take advantage of his sleepless nights and order your new set of autoflowering cannabis seeds today?

    Flowering Time
    Strain Notes
    Very Hardy in Cold Climates

    When you buy Stupersonic Auto Cannabis Seeds from the Rhino, you’ll get an awesome seed and a great deal! Plus, if you’re not absolutely, totally and completely thrilled with your order, the Rhino will replace any misbehaving cannabis seed for free!

    If you don’t think this is bargain, check around! Other seed banks guarantee that your seeds will arrive, but no one else backs every bean they sell against any problem without a single exception. That’s right! When you buy Stupersonic from the Rhino, he’ll replace your marijuana seeds even if you’re the one who f**ked them up!

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    Named for the frosty peaks of Mt. Everest, nothing takes you higher than Sagarmatha Seeds! With more than 20 years of experience, this Amsterdam breeder offers the most impressive line of cannabis seeds in regular, feminized and automatic formats. Every single one is 100% organic and propagated in indoor grow rooms under the strictest environmental and quality controls. Why not join Sagarmatha Seeds' “Plant the Seed” movement and help spread world peace through sharing of the weed?