A-1 Haze
Share the shwag with your mates and keep A-1 Haze for your honey! If you like to burn one to set the mood, A-1 Haze’ll deliver a night that you’ll never forget! This hybrid offers a very social and sensual high that lasts for hours.
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Sagarmatha Seeds A-1 Haze is what great Haze is all about! This cannabis seed has a very sensual quality paired with mega-watt power, soaring social highs and an unbelievably thick layer of diamond-like crystals.

    With one hit, Sagarmatha Seeds A-1 Haze will be your go-to weed! A powerful ice-breaker, this cannabis seed’ll really get you talking whether you’re shooting the sh** with your mates or working up the nerve to ask that special someone for a first date!

    • Long-Lasting, Fast-Hitting, Ultra-Sensual Highs
    • A-1 Haze Could be Renamed the Love Weed!
    • 350 Grams of Dried smoke in 65 Days!
    • Elegant, Sophisticated & Extra Sticky

    Once you’re on that date, bring along the Sagarmatha Seeds A-1 Haze Feminized! This extra-sexy smoke is guaranteed to heat things up. Just make sure you can handle it first.

    Sagarmatha Seeds A-1 Haze Seeds are packed with crystals and covered in fat, spear-shaped nuggs! Before you know it, these little love-bugs will fill your stash with up to 350 grams of elegantly dried smoke. Awesome!

    Flowering Time
    8-12 weeks
    Yield Notes
    350 Grams Dried
    Height Notes
    0.75 to 1 Meter
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    Strain Notes
    Soaring Social High
    Flowering Time Notes
    65 to 70 Days

    When you buy A-1 Haze Cannabis Seeds from the Rhino, you’ll always get the best deal on these beans. Think that’s a bunch of BS? Search the web for yourself and find out!

    If you happen to find a lower price, let us know! We’ll drop our posted price, refund the difference and give you a little extra to thank you for helping us price our marijuana seeds. With a deal like that, you have to buy A-1 today!

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    Named for the frosty peaks of Mt. Everest, nothing takes you higher than Sagarmatha Seeds! With more than 20 years of experience, this Amsterdam breeder offers the most impressive line of cannabis seeds in regular, feminized and automatic formats. Every single one is 100% organic and propagated in indoor grow rooms under the strictest environmental and quality controls. Why not join Sagarmatha Seeds' “Plant the Seed” movement and help spread world peace through sharing of the weed?