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A-1 Haze thumbnail

A-1 Haze

Share the shwag with your mates and keep A-1 Haze for your honey! If you like to burn one to set the mood, A-1 Haze’ll deliver a night that you’ll never forget! This hybrid offers a very social and se
AK48 Auto thumbnail

AK48 Auto

AK48 Auto combines AK-47’s power with Lowryder’s speed & simplicity to create an unbeatable autoflowering strain. When you need to hit your target within 8 to 9 weeks from tiny bean, AK48 Auto is your
Blueberry Bud Feminized thumbnail

Blueberry Bud Feminized

Blueberry Bud Feminized will show you what you’ve been missing! Go from blah to oomph with the tantalizing fruit flavours & intense blue colours of Blueberry Bud Feminized!
California Train Wreck thumbnail

California Train Wreck

Looking to get totally wrecked? Check out California Train Wreck! Extremely stable, highly potent and very prolific, California Train Wreck delivers devastating highs and catastrophic stones. If you l
Cheese Wreck thumbnail

Cheese Wreck

Extremely potent & intensely flavourful, Cheez Wreck teases your taste buds while it gets you totally wasted! Cheez Wreck is a fierce mix of original Cheese and high-powered Train Wreck. Cheese’ll nev
Chunky Cheese thumbnail

Chunky Cheese

High-grade Sagarmatha Seeds Chunky Cheese is an old-school skunk with legendary Big Buddha genetics. Never content to settle, Sagarmatha refined Chunky Cheese to give it the fattest, stickiest nuggs o
Double BubbleBerry thumbnail

Double BubbleBerry

Double BubbleBerry is a Sagarmatha original with twice the flavour and a euphoric, bubbly high! In fact, if Double BubbleBerry doesn’t bring a smile to your face, you’re completely hopeless! This is t
Double Diesel Ryder thumbnail

Double Diesel Ryder

Double Diesel Ryder is an improved NYC Diesel that’s faster, denser, tastier and even smellier than the original! Get your jars & filtration system ready for this baby. Double Diesel Ryder is too stro
Indica XXL thumbnail

Indica XXL

Rock-hard and ultra-potent, Indica XXL is everything this high-powered breed should be! For an extra-large helping of deep physical stones, add this to your collection.
Lowboldt Automatic thumbnail

Lowboldt Automatic

Get all that delicious Yumboldt flavour & aroma in a superfast autoflowering strain with Lowboldt Automatic! This pungent feminized seed gets it done in just 8 weeks. With this kind of speed, Lowboldt
Matanuska Tundra Feminized thumbnail

Matanuska Tundra Feminized

Cool down with Matanuska Tundra Feminized! This icy super-star is a potent Indica from the wildest regions of Alaska. Matanuska Tundra Feminized has a delicious chocolate fragrance, but her inner esse
Northern Lights #9 Feminized thumbnail

Northern Lights #9 Feminized

Can you keep a secret? Northern Lights #9 Feminized definitely can! This intense smoke has only a hint of a smell making it brilliant for stealth. When you need to get it done indoors without giving u
Purple Pinecone thumbnail

Purple Pinecone

Add vibrant purple hues and a boatload of power to your collection with Purple Pinecone! A truly stunning cannabis seed, Purple Pinecone is an elegant hybrid with strong physical stones and the rockie
Smurfberry Automatic thumbnail

Smurfberry Automatic

Every wonder why those bright blue Smurfs are always so frickin’ happy? Take a hit of Smurfberry Automatic, the world’s fastest, sweetest Blueberry, and discover a little magic of your own. Smurfberry
Solo Ryder thumbnail

Solo Ryder

As the “Ryder” in the majority of Sagarmatha’s AutoFem Seeds, Solo Ryder is pure autoflowering perfection! Small, stealthy, powerful and covered in a thick coating of powdery-white resin, Solo Ryder i
Star Ryder thumbnail

Star Ryder

Created using the finest championship genetics, Star Ryder is the ultimate autoflowering Cannabis Seed. From start to finish, you’ll enjoy the lovely light blue hue and pleasant tastes and aromas that
Stonehedge Feminized thumbnail

Stonehedge Feminized

Stonehenge Feminized is an exotic, old-school Cambodian strain that’s been updated with just a touch of Western Winds. If you’re ready to worship the weed gods, get ready to sacrifice your soul to Sto
Strawberry D-Lite Feminized thumbnail

Strawberry D-Lite Feminized

Think Strawberry could never go with Diesel? Strawberry D-Lite Feminized says it does! Denser & stronger than NYCD & more aromatic than Strawberry Cough, Strawberry D-Lite Feminized is pure pot perfec
Western Winds Feminized thumbnail

Western Winds Feminized

For incredible yields and extremely social highs, take a deep breath of Western Winds Feminized. This near-pure Sativa is the very definition of Haze with unbelievable quality and near-pure Sativa gen
White Russian Automatic thumbnail

White Russian Automatic

White Russian Automatic is a blizzard of power! This vigorous little autoflowering cannabis seed delivers 300 gr/m2 of potent weed & chill attitudes in just 8 weeks from seed. Nothing cures cabin feve
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Sagarmatha Seeds Feminized – Giving a Whole New Meaning to Girl Power

In a world where feminized seeds rule, it was only a matter of time before an innovative breeder like Sagarmatha Seeds finally jumped into this market. To make the biggest splash, they’ve created a brand-new line-up of delectable feminized seeds guaranteed to blow your mind with more power, more flavour and more yield than ever before!

  • Unmatched Quality Backed by 20 Years of Experience
  • Unique Blends Guaranteed to Delight Your Mind, Your Body & Your Soul!
  • Sagarmatha Seeds Feminized Takes Female Seeds to a Higher Level
  • Your Complete Satisfaction is Backed by the Rhino Guarantee!

If you’re looking for a great deal on your choice of top-quality Sagarmatha Feminized Seeds, you’re in exactly the right place! The Rhino works his big leathery bum off keeping every price as low as it can possibly go! And, if he misses one, just point it out to him. He’ll make sure you’re rewarded handsomely for helping him do his job.

Need even more for your hard-earned cash? How about a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? At Rhino Seeds, we back every single bean we sell no matter which one you go with. Whether it’s a premium feminized seed from Sagarmatha or any other high-grade cannabis seed from our online store, we’ll replace it for absolutely free if you’re not completely bowled over. How can you possibly beat that kind of deal?

Buy Fabulous Sagarmatha Feminized Seeds from Rhino Seeds today!