California Train Wreck
Looking to get totally wrecked? Check out California Train Wreck! Extremely stable, highly potent and very prolific, California Train Wreck delivers devastating highs and catastrophic stones. If you live through it, you’re ‘da man! (or woman!)
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Think you can handle the devastating power of Sagarmatha California Train Wreck? This wicked marijuana seed goes past stoned and wasted to leave you completely and utterly wrecked!

    Out of all the Train Wreck phenotypes, Sagarmatha California Train Wreck is the best! This specific variety is more stable, more powerful and more prolific than any other.

    • Sagarmatha California Train Wreck is an Extremely Stable Feminized Seed
    • Devastating Power – Get Wrecked!
    • Extremely High Yields – 350 gr/m2 of Dried Smoke!
    • Very Fast – Only 60 to 65 Days of Bloom

    Sagarmatha California Train Wreck Seeds are a balanced Indica/Sativa Hybrid that gets it done inside or out. This marijuana seed is very manageable at less than a meter with very generous yields of smooth, dried smoke after just 60 to 65 days of bloom.

    Wonder why the Rhino always hops a plane? He tried California Train Wreck Feminized just once, and gave these bad girls up – this kind of power just about did him in! But, if you think you can handle the Cali-Train Wreck, we’ll get them out our door and into yours so fast they’ll be there yesterday!

    Flowering Time
    7-9 weeks
    Yield Notes
    300 to 350 gr/m2 Dried
    Height Notes
    0.7 to 1 Meter
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    Cannabis Genetics
    Stable, Prolific Train Wreck Phenotype

    We can’t think of a better way to improve your collection than to buy California Train Wreck Cannabis Seeds! In addition to a frickin’ awesome bean that’s totally Rhino-approved, you’ll get a great price and the unmatched Rhino Seeds’ Guarantee.

    If you’re not stunned and amazed by your new marijuana seeds, just let us know. We’ll replace them for free no matter what happened! To avoid every stinky bit of bullshit, buy California Train Wreck from Rhino Seeds!

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    Named for the frosty peaks of Mt. Everest, nothing takes you higher than Sagarmatha Seeds! With more than 20 years of experience, this Amsterdam breeder offers the most impressive line of cannabis seeds in regular, feminized and automatic formats. Every single one is 100% organic and propagated in indoor grow rooms under the strictest environmental and quality controls. Why not join Sagarmatha Seeds' “Plant the Seed” movement and help spread world peace through sharing of the weed?