Pink Citrus Auto
Get 'em while they're hot, because these bad mamajammas won't be around forever! Secret Garden Seeds only released a certain number of Pink Citrus Auto Seeds and we have no idea if we can get more once these are gone. You'll kick your own a** if you miss out on this incredible mix!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Genetics
  • Limited Edition F1
  • 70 to 75 Days from Seed
  • 60+ Grams Is So Doable!
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds


Something This Good Couldn't Possibly Be Medicinal ...

But, it is! Pink Citrus Automatic is an intense new strain created by Secret Garden Seeds, one of the most elite autoflowering breeders on the planet. It's so powerful, SGS only released a limited number of packs - get 'em while you can!

Pink Citrus Auto Seeds were created by crossing a vibrantly pink Pink OGRE Auto male with a heavy Sativa-dominant White Citrus, and the resulting blend is just as spectacular as it sounds: 100% feminized, fully automatic & brain-sizzling strong.

  • Pink Citrus Auto Flowering Time = 70-75 Days
  • Generous Yields - Medicinal Power
  • Discreet Packaging, Fast Delivery, Low Prices!

While the power is electrifying, the fragrance options alone are enough to make anyone want to try this elite AutoFem. Secret Garden Seeds Pink Citrus emits a wide variety of rich, full-bodied fruit aromas - close your eyes, take a big whiff & you'll swear you're standing in the middle of an orchard at peak season!

Pink Citrus Autoflowering Seeds only take 70-75 days from the pop to reach between 75 to 90 cm on average, and if you do it right, that not-so-tall drink of water will hold 60 grams or more of the best smoke of your life. Tempted yet?

Hold onto these limited edition seeds in case the laws change. Until then, it's illegal to germinate or cultivate Pink Citrus Auto in the UK & most other countries. Learn all about it - read our disclaimer page.

6 Seeds
Flowering Time
Yield Notes
60+ Grams Under Perfect Conditions
Cannabis Seeds Per Packet
Height Notes
75 to 90 cm
Sativa / Indica Mix
Limitied Edition Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time Notes
70 to 75 Days from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Pink OGRE X White Citrus
Short - Average

Looking for something completely unique? Then get your own pack of Secret Garden Seeds limited edition version of Pink Citrus Auto Cannabis Seeds. This Pink OGRE X White Citrus mashup will make your nose tingle and your head rush. They're shockingly good!

Play it smart & know the laws before you buy Pink Citrus Auto. In the UK, you can own but not germinate cannabis seeds. You can find out more by reading our disclaimer page.

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Genetics
  • Limited Edition F1
  • 70 to 75 Days from Seed
  • 60+ Grams Is So Doable!

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Pink Citrus Auto is a rare, limited edition automatic cannabis seed sold under the Secret Garden Seeds brand. This elite seed company is famous for highly aromatic, high-yielding & high-potency genetics that are simply stunning. Don't pass on these guys - you'll really miss out!