Mexican Sativa

Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale!

Like a hopped-up Speedy Gonzales, Mexican Sativa doesn't waste a bit of time. This amazing cannabis seed has kept all the best traits from her Oaxacan Mamacita while borrowing speed from Pakistani Hash Plant & super-hardiness from Durban, the best African Sativa on the planet. Mexican Sativa finishes in just 50 to 70 days with medium yields even in the cool, damp UK.
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  • Mostly Oaxacan Sativa
  • 50-70 Day Finishes
  • Clean, Clear & Lifting
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    Mexican Sativa - Fusion Cuisine from The Cannabis Castle!

    If Mexico is famous for anything (besides Montezuma's Revenge & awesome tequila), it's weed, but what thrives in this sun-filled land often withers away in the cloudy UK. That's why Sensi Seeds created Mexican Sativa to brighten the dreariest days of Northern European stoners.

    Starting with the absolute best Oaxacan Sativa, they added a little Pakistani Hash Plant for speed, a little Durban to handle the cold & then backcrossed it all with Oaxacan one more time to bring out Mexican Sativa Seeds' best traits.

    • Mexican Sativa is Oaxacan X Durban X Pakistani
    • 70% Pure Sativa with a 50-70 Day Finish - Super Fast!
    • Crisp, Clean, Uplifting, Enduring
    • Awesome Prices, Discreet Packaging, Rapid Delivery

    Mexican Sativa Cannabis Seeds are clear, uplifting & just as beautiful as any sexy senorita should be. They don't have bedroom eyes, but the resin-soaked aroma & notes of anise & sandalwood are just as enticing. Well, almost.

    Sensi Seeds Mexican Sativa sounds like it should be pure, but it's actually only 70% Sativa. The intense effects don't lose a thing, but this small addition of Indica boosts the yields, increases the speed & makes it extremely easy. If you've been too chicken (or lazy) to try this side of the house, get off your ass & do it!

    This description of Mexican Sativa Cannabis Seeds was written using original material created by Sensi Seeds. To learn more, see our disclaimer page.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Cannabis Genetics Oaxacan X Pakistani X Durban
    Flowering Time ? 8-12 weeks
    Height notes Height: 200-300 cm
    Flowering Outdoors September - October
    Yield ? Average
    Yield Notes Yield: up to 250 gr
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Mexican Sativa is a new-world cannabis seed created by the Sensi Seed Company. As one of the oldest Dutch seed banks, Sensi Seeds offers the finest regular & feminized seeds on the planet, bar none. If you're ready to take it to the next level, do what you do with genuine Sensi Seeds!