MK-Ultra Wreck
Looking to get totally wasted? How ‘bout ultra-wrecked? MK-Ultra Wreck’ll get you there! With outrageous power and killer effects, MK-Ultra Wreck is the new top dog of the cannabis pack!
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    Free shipping and seeds


    MK-Ultra Wreck combines three of the biggest legends in the weed world into one amazing strain that’s guaranteed to wreck your mind and leave you totally wasted! What more could you ask for in a premium feminized seed?

    Although the power is definitely what you’re after, MK-Ultra Wreck Seeds have a complex flavour that you can’t ignore. The classic Kush flavour blends perfectly with Trainwreck’s mentholated essence to create a unique taste sensation that defies explanation. Buy some for yourself and find out what we’re talking about!

    • MK-Ultra (G-13 X OG Kush) X Trainwreck!
    • Outstanding Yields & Intense Power
    • Complex Flavour – Classic Kush Meets Menthol!
    • Evenly Balanced Indica & Sativa Genetics

    Keep in mind that anything with Trainwreck genetics can get out of hand real quick if you’re not careful. Although the Kush genetics temper the chaos, these marijuana seeds can get a little TW lean and stretch from time to time. However, MK-Ultra Wreck Feminized’s yields are nothing short of amazing!

    The Rhino really loves the wild ones like MK-Ultra Wreck Cannabis Seeds! To make sure you love this one too, he’s priced these beans to move. Order now and they’ll be packed with total discretion and shipped right to your door before you know it!

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