Sage 'n Sour Feminized
Sage ‘n Sour Feminized harnesses the power of two elite legends in one super-potent cannabis seed! If you can’t decide between spicy SAGE and pungent Sour Diesel, this is the bean for you. Sage ‘n Sour Feminized is power-packed and flavourful with soaring
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    For a cross-country weed adventure, check out Sage ‘n Sour Feminized. This potent newcomer is a delectable mix of California’s SAGE and the always in-demand New York Sour Diesel.

    The result of this union is a kick-ass hybrid with wicked power, savage flavour and endless yields. If you do it just right, you’ll get 350 grams or more per square meter. Keep in mind that Sage ‘n Sour Feminized loves the hydro, but it can go crazy and take up an entire room!

    • Sour Diesel X SAGE – A New Legend is Born!
    • Intense Power & Amazing Sativa Highs
    • 350+ gr/m2 Yields – Extremely Generous
    • Top-Rated Quality – Smooth & Clean

    Because Sage ‘n Sour Feminized Seeds are almost exclusively Sativa, they need plenty of time to finish. Over the course of the 8 to 9 weeks this potent hybrid requires, you’ll see the humongous nuggs practically explode with vigour.

    According to TH Seeds, no matter how much Sage ‘n Sour Feminized Cannabis Seeds you have, you’ll always want more! Lucky for you, the Rhino makes seed hoarding easy and affordable. At these prices, you can order a ton of these premium marijuana seeds without going broke!

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    As Amsterdam's finest supplier of high-grade cannabis seeds, TH Seeds simply can't stop producing new winners. Year after year, they stomp the competition. And with their new “Teslaponics” system that guarantees higher yields, faster finishes and more power through the magic of electricity, you can only expect their reputation to grow. Totally new school since opening their doors in 1993, TH Seeds continues to spread the best American cannabis genetics throughout Europe in an effort to strengthen the breed through diversity. You won't go wrong with super-sweet Bubble Gum, legendary S.A.G.E. or any of TH Seeds other amazing weed seeds!