World of Seeds Landrace Indica Collection
To get 8 potent feminized seeds cheaper than this, you’d have to steal them! For one low price, the World of Seeds Landrace Indica Collection includes 4 amazing strains. Buy this mixed pack and discover the deep stones of Afghan Kush, Ketama, Pakistan Val
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Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

The World of Seeds Landrace Indica Collection offers 8 top-rated cannabis seeds at an amazing value, but this mix pack gives you something that others don’t – you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you buy this one!

Loaded with highly medicinal stones, Afghan Kush delivers huge yields and insane power! The THC reaches an amazing 21.6% THC, the aroma is classic hash and the flavours are lush, sweet & fruity.

Pakistan Valley is another high-powered Indica with 21.2% THC, couch-locking narcotic stones and delightful sweet flavours. This cannabis seed works best indoors.

  • 8 Potent Feminized Beans at One Low Price
  • Afghan Kush – Intense Power & High Yields
  • Pakistan Valley – Indoor Perfection!
  • Ketama – Extremely Resinous & Hashy
  • Brazil Amazonia – Medicinal Weed from the Rainforest

Ketama’s claim to fame is that it’s the preferred strain for stoned-to-the-bone Moroccan hash. This one is a pure Indica that’s rich in THC and sticky resin.

Brazil Amazonia is a 75% Indica/25% Sativa hybrid. The stones are still deep & medicinal, but the Sativa generics add a pleasant high. With enough power to ease the pain of childbirth, this is a favourite with the natives of the Amazon rainforest.

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Landrace Indicas

When you buy the World of Seeds Landrace Indica Collection, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the raw power behind this international mix of all-natural strains. Every single cannabis seeds in this collection offers the power, vigour, yield and awesome effect that only comes from a pure Indica.

This set of rich cannabis genetics is known for high yields, fast finishes, extreme physical power, a managable structure and a beginner-friendly nature. What more could you ask for in a premium marijuana seed? Buy the World of Seeds Landrace Indica Collection today!

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World of Seeds doesn't discriminate! In addition to offering the biggest international mix of high-powered cannabis seeds on the planet, this progressive breeder understands that high-grade smoke is just as important to the recreational collector as it is to the medicinal cannabis fan. From Brazil Amazonia to Wild Thailand, a few minutes spent browsing the World of Seeds catalog is like visiting the United Nations of Weed. Instead of trying to get into that exclusive club, why not sit back and enjoy the show with a World of Seeds' bean? Every single one is Rhino recommended!