Super Skunk Auto
No one likes to wait, especially for top-shelf weed seeds! With Dr Krippling's Super Skunk Auto, you'll get quality out the wazoo as well as massive, branch-breaking yields. Remember to add support for these potent beauties early on because the flowers will pack on & start to weight down with resin before you know it. Don't get caught unprepared!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Automatic Hybrid
  • Light, Spicy Aroma
  • High Yields - 15% THC
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

They Don't Call These Fully Autoflowering Seeds Super for Nothing!

The original Super Skunk is world famous for high THC levels and branch-breaking yields, and Dr Krippling's Super Skunk Auto follows right in her footsteps - figuratively, of course. This high-performance AutoFem easily reaches or exceeds 15% THC and yields up to 500 gr/m2 inside after a mere 85-day period. Amazing!

  • Super Skunk Auto Finishes in 85 Days Total
  • Lighter Fragrance & Taste
  • Very Dense & Tight - Keep Humidity Low
  • Short & Easy to Manage - 1.2 Meters or Less

If stealth is a consideration, Super Skunk Automatic is even better than the original. The scent is lighter and spicier with only a trace of the telltale cat-piss pungency that can leak through even the best odour control. And instead of sweet and cloying, the flavour is lighter and more acidic. This smoke is, without a doubt, a refreshing change of pace!

Why Wait? Order Your Super Skunk Autoflowering Seeds Today!

NB: If Super Skunk Auto doesn't rock your world, check out the rest of Dr Krippling's fully automatic line up. We've got Incredible Bulk Auto, Krippleberry Auto, and all the rest!

Flowering Time
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Height Notes
1.2 Meters or Less
Sativa / Indica Mix
THC Notes
15% THC
Flowering Time Notes
85 Days from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Super Skunk X Ruderalis
Outdoor Yield
40-60 gr/seed, 60-140 gr/seed Greenhouse
Indoor Yield
200-500 gr/m2

Super Skunk Auto by Dr Krippling is an impressive new AutoFem released for the 2017 season. Capable of extremely high yields, this incredible hybrid satisfies everyone's need for quantity and quality. The THC is strong but moderate enough for daytime use for many and even wake-and-bake for the highly tolerant. Stealthy collectors will appreciate both the less pungent aroma and the top-rated bud quality. Order Super Skunk Auto Seeds today!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Automatic Hybrid
  • Light, Spicy Aroma
  • High Yields - 15% THC

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Dr Krippling is London's latest cannabis seed breeder & he's quickly becoming world-famous for high-powered, high-yield strains with outrageous flavours, aromas & effects. In other words, each & every feminized seed in this collection gives you more of what you want. You can't fault dude for that! Order your genuine Dr Krippling Seeds today!