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Grand Heft Auto thumbnail

Grand Heft Auto

Play This Game & Score Big!

Grand Heft Auto is a magnificent strain, going off like a nuclear bomb in the last two weeks. Prepare now for rock-hard explosions of trich-encrusted buds!

  • Up to 60 gr/seed Inside, 100 gr/seed Outside
  • Over & Done in 80 Days or Less from Seed
Grape Ape thumbnail

Grape Ape

Grapefruit Krush Feminized thumbnail

Grapefruit Krush Feminized

Grapefruit Krush Feminized Explodes with Flavour!

Bursting with bright citrus flavour, Grapefruit Krush Feminized is simply delicious! A tantalizing mix of Grapefruit & classic Bubba Kush, these cannabis seeds relax the body & ease the mind.

  • Dense, Stacked & Very Rocky
  • Complex Flavours & Balanced Effects
Grapefruit Seeds thumbnail

Grapefruit Seeds

This is new style Sativa that is early maturing, fast flowering and maximum yielding. Buds have a soft smell of grapefruit, sweet taste and intense tropical high. Stabilised on early maturity for some
Great White Shark thumbnail

Great White Shark

Great White Shark was the first prize winner of the BIO HTCC in 1997. It's a powerful, knee-shaking plant that really hits the spot and is rightfully acclaimed. The high is strong and seductive - the
Green Bud Female thumbnail

Green Bud Female

Green Haze X Chitral Feminized thumbnail

Green Haze X Chitral Feminized

Green House Auto Bomb thumbnail

Green House Auto Bomb

Totally hardcore, Green House Auto Bomb is a hard-hitting cannabis seed with a fast-acting, deeply relaxing stone that forces all the tension right out of your body. Auto Bomb makes reaching the 50-gr
Green House Black and White Mix thumbnail

Green House Black and White Mix

Green House Indica I Mix thumbnail

Green House Indica I Mix

This mix pack from green house seeds contains 5 well sought after Indica's, Our Indica I pack contains El Nino, Train Wreck, Lemon Skunk, Cheese, Church
Green House Seeds Jack Herer thumbnail

Green House Seeds Jack Herer

The Green house seed company released this strain as a tribute to the legendary Jack Herer! This is one strain that really does have too many cup wins to list all on one page and that's no exaggeratio
Green House Seeds Northern Lights Auto thumbnail

Green House Seeds Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights is one of the easiest strains for indoors, but NL Auto is insanely simple! A real hard-hitter, NL Auto balances uplifting highs with hard-core stones that last for hours.
Green House Seeds White Rhino Feminised thumbnail

Green House Seeds White Rhino Feminised

Uncage a wild beast with Green House Seeds White Rhino Feminised! This strain is packed so full of THC that it’s a little too much for the less experienced collector. Only order this one if you have t
Green House Thai thumbnail

Green House Thai

Introspective, cerebral and exotic, Green House Thai Feminized is delightfully potent with the highest level of Sativa quality! Green House Thai Feminized takes up to 15 weeks to finish, but the resul
Green Love Potion thumbnail

Green Love Potion

This plant is suitable for nearly every environment making it easy to grow for novices and professionals. These plants produce compact flowers that are easy to manicure and are coated with resin crys
Green Ninja thumbnail

Green Ninja

Heavyweight Seeds Green Ninja is an ideal choice for those requiring stealth and discretion. Short and stocky, this cannabis seed will thrive in the smallest of spaces, producing thick, crystal coated buds along its sturdy surface. Further discretion is assured form the quick flowering period and mi…
Green Poison thumbnail

Green Poison

Green Poison is a Indica plant producing a huge yield, its known as a 'super-producer' of buds in a short period of time. It's aroma is sweet and its flavor just as intense. Mould resistant due to it
Green Poison Auto thumbnail

Green Poison Auto

Sweet Seeds finally named your poison! Green Poison Auto really hits the spot with high resin levels, a sweet flavour and massive yields! If you’re looking for top-notch blaze that’s easy to manage, y
Green Shark thumbnail

Green Shark

For MMJ patients, Green Shark is a potent lifesaver! This super-seed pairs high CBD with high THC & Indica genetics for the deepest physical stones. Green Shark is a very special mix of Black Domina a
Green Spirit Feminized thumbnail

Green Spirit Feminized


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