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Head Stash Auto thumbnail

Head Stash Auto

Totally Mental & Insanely Fast - 6 Weeks from Seed!

It's hard to believe, but Head Stash Automatic really can finish as fast as 6 weeks from seed. Plus, the THC easily exceeds 15% with 450 gr/m2 yields inside. Quality & density are off the charts - this one's a must have!

  • Contains Jack Herer & Critical+ Genetics
  • Pleasant Taste with Hints of Grapefruit & Lime
Headstone Seeds thumbnail

Headstone Seeds

Puts Even the Most Tolerant 6 Feet Under - 20% THC!

Headstone Seeds are packed with both White & Amnesia genetics for a full-on mind & body melt that'll make you forget you even have a face - let alone a brain. She's a mind-number & a couchlocker!

  • Strong Body Buzz with Racy Head High
  • Easy Trim, Copious Resin
Heavy Head thumbnail

Heavy Head

Near-Narcotic Body Buzz, NYCD & Domina Genetics

Tasting like NYC Diesel & smelling of fuel & hash, Heavy Head Seeds are pleasantly strong in every single way, especially when the effects kick in. Expect a medical-grade, near-narcotic stone that'll make your face feel like it's melting right off your skull!

  • 420 & 710 Friendly - Top Quality
  • Very High Yields - Up to 600 gr/m2 Inside
High Density Auto thumbnail

High Density Auto

For an autoflowering plant that from seed to cure takes 8 weeks, this is spectacular, Heavyweight High Density Auto has a stem bending 150 gms per seed and more if placed outside under optimum conditions. High Density Auto has a powerful relaxed stone that although calm gives a mental boost and cla…
High Level thumbnail

High Level

high Level New from EVa Seeds produces Long Fruity buds which have an sweet chocolate aroma. A Former old school Sativa, these buds capture the Sativa High!
High Tension thumbnail

High Tension

The female of this mostly sativa High Tension is Colombian Mangobiche and the stabilized male hybrid is Orange Bud + Black Domina + Jack Herer .
Hijack Automatic thumbnail

Hijack Automatic

Hijack Automatic uses AK-47 & Siberian Ruderalis to transform finicky, high-quality Jack Herer into simple autoflowering cannabis seeds. Fast, powerful & prolific, Hijack Automatic has all of original
Himalaya Blue Diesel Feminized thumbnail

Himalaya Blue Diesel Feminized

Himalaya Blue Diesel Feminized has it all! It mixes up Blueberry, Kush and Diesel with both feminized and autoflowering features and a couchlocking stone. If you’ve been looking for a strain that no o
Himalayan Gold thumbnail

Himalayan Gold

No other strain is quite as exotic as Green House Seeds Himalayan Gold Feminised! With roots that can be traced back to ancient Nepal and Northern India, this hybrid’s reputation is second to none. A
Hindiana Auto thumbnail

Hindiana Auto

If you’re looking for intense medicinal power, Hindiana Auto has all that and more! Hindiana Auto is a rich, 80% Indica autoflowering seed that gives you the same kind of power and yield you’d get fro
Hindu Kush Auto thumbnail

Hindu Kush Auto

Short, Bushy & Tough Enough to Take a Ton of Abuse!

If this is your first time, this is the AutoFem for you! Hindu Kush Auto is small & easy to manage with a very fast finish & the ability to thrive in the worst conditions. Get yours now!

  • 90% Indica for Calm, Tranquil Stones
  • Subtle, Pleasant Aroma that Intensifies During the Cure
Hindu Kush Feminized thumbnail

Hindu Kush Feminized

Small, Compact, Fast, Not Too Smelly - Perfect for Indoors!

Hindu Kush is a smallish, beginner-friendly strain that finishes so fast you won't have time to make too many mistakes. But, if you do, this Indica is very forgiving. Stones are very strong but clear & functional.

  • Finishes in 6 to 7 Weeks
  • Subtle Aroma - Wood & Earth
Hobbit Auto thumbnail

Hobbit Auto

Hobbit Auto is so good you’ll be calling this cannabis seed “Precious” after one whiff! Filled to the brim with ultra-sweet strawberry flavours & aromas, Hobbit Auto is incredibly potent (15% THC) and
Hollands Hope thumbnail

Hollands Hope

Ideal for the northern hemisphere due to its mold resistance, Holland’s Hope produces a mild stoned effect that is so pleasant and not to mention the smoke is smooth and quite subtle.
Hollands Hope Feminized thumbnail

Hollands Hope Feminized

Holland's Hope has been grown in Holland since the early 1980’s and consistently is a colorful heavy Indica variety with a knockout stone.
Holy Grail 69 thumbnail

Holy Grail 69

Reach the Top with Holy Grail 69 Seeds!

Luxurious, hedonistic & totally indulgent, Holy Grail 69 is a ferocious mix of Punky Lion & Pure Haze with tropical pineapple flavour, 21% THC & up to 800-gram yields.

  • 65% Sativa/35% Indica for Controlled Euphoria
  • Extremely Hardy & Mould Resistant
Holy Grail Kush thumbnail

Holy Grail Kush

Smokin hot and brand new for 2011, Holy Grail Kush is the end-all, be-all of premium blaze! Holy Grail Kush Feminized won 1st place as the best hybrid at HTCC with a historic perfect score and 2nd pla
Holy Smoke Seeds Pineapple Funk Feminised thumbnail

Holy Smoke Seeds Pineapple Funk Feminised

Are you ready to get down like it’s 1979? For some old-school sweetness, get your groove on with Holy Smoke Seeds Pineapple Funk! This skunky island beauty delivers spectacular, ever-expanding buds that can develop fast enough to take over an entire room
Homegrown Cheese Feminized thumbnail

Homegrown Cheese Feminized

Homegrown Cheese Feminized took top honours at the 2004 HTCC and continues to be one of HF’s best-selling seeds. Developed by a legend & refined in an authentic Dutch coffeeshop, Homegrown Cheese Femi
Homegrown Lowryder thumbnail

Homegrown Lowryder

Grab Homegrown Lowryder & throw out those complicated schedules! This auto flowering dwarf performs on cue with a 10 to 11 weed finish from seed! It just doesn’t get any easier than Homegrown Lowryder

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