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White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

White Widow is a real killer with near-lethal power & enough resin to choke a horse. If you like it sticky, you’re gonna love these feminized cannabis seeds! White Widow is an Indica/Sativa hybrid wit
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

If You Can Only Get 1, This Is It!

The truth is simple - you can't go wrong with White Widow! This is one of the most popular cannabis seeds of all time. Get her today & find out why.

  • Multi-Cup Wins - Great for Any Environment
  • Medical-Grade Indica with Copious White Resin
White Widow Auto thumbnail

White Widow Auto

The grande dame of the White family just went high tech! White Widow Auto is just as sticky as ever, but she’s now a fully autoflowering powerhouse. Lose nothing, gain everything and get a great deal
White Widow Automatic thumbnail

White Widow Automatic

Get Sticky in 1/2 the Time with White Widow Auto!

RQS's White Widow Automatic leaves original Widow choking on her dust! These smokin' hot ganja seeds rock with 75 day finishes from seed without sacrificing goo or power.

  • Balanced Indica to Sativa Ration for Highs & Stones
  • Small & Managable - 50 to 110 cm - Soooo Easy!
White Widow Feminized thumbnail

White Widow Feminized

Using the original genetic blend from the 1980s, Dutch Passion’s White Widow Feminized is a timeless champion! To experience the pungent aroma, intense flavour and excessive power for yourself, don’t
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow Feminized

White Widow Feminized is a legendary Cannabis Cup champion best known for her double-dose of white THC crystals. As the first lady of the White family, this wicked woman offers a balanced effect that
White Widow Feminized thumbnail

White Widow Feminized

White Widow Feminized is an amazing improvement on a classic legend. This killer strain continues to deliver the same power and fruity flavour you expect with an even better level of consistency. Don’
White Willow Feminized thumbnail

White Willow Feminized

Coated from head to toe in enormous blooms and amazingly large crystals, White Willow Feminized is a truly awesome cannabis seed! White Willow Feminized is large & strong with a vibrant green hue that
Widow Bomb Feminised thumbnail

Widow Bomb Feminised

Widow Bomb Feminized is crystallized perfection! Glowing like a beacon in a blizzard, Widow Bomb Feminized is dripping in THC and covered in dense, dank, rock-hard nuggs!
Wild Rose thumbnail

Wild Rose

This is a Hybrid of a little known variety in Europe but with a great following in Canada and North America, the Rosetta Stone of The Brothers Grimm gives the Wild Rose original fresh and citric touch
Wild Thailand thumbnail

Wild Thailand

Pure landrace coming from the islands of Ko Chang (Thailand). Is one of the varieties with the highest content in THC of the world. It is loved by Thailand croppers who take it to Bangkok affording th
Wombat thumbnail


Extremely sweet & Hazey, Wombat is a delicious Original Haze X Critical cross with massive yields of gigantic rock-hard nuggs. If your stash has run dry, Wombat Feminized Seeds are a wonderful way to
Wonder Woman thumbnail

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is another new high volume production skunk.
World of Seeds Afghan Kush thumbnail

World of Seeds Afghan Kush

As pure as the day it was first harvested from the exotic Armu Darya Valley of rugged Northern Afghanistan, World of Seeds Afghan Kush Feminised is an insanely strong landrace Indica with outlandish 2
World of Seeds Landrace Indica Collection thumbnail

World of Seeds Landrace Indica Collection

To get 8 potent feminized seeds cheaper than this, you’d have to steal them! For one low price, the World of Seeds Landrace Indica Collection includes 4 amazing strains. Buy this mixed pack and discov
World of Seeds Landrace Sativa Collection thumbnail

World of Seeds Landrace Sativa Collection

Where else can you get a world tour of smokin’ hot weed for this kind of price? The World of Seeds Landrace Sativa Collection includes 4 of this breeder’s best: Wild Thailand, Columbian Gold, South Af
World of Seeds Pakistan Valley thumbnail

World of Seeds Pakistan Valley

Proceeds from mointanous system of Hindu Kush (north of Pakistan). Some years after we have been selecting the best lance strains from kush, we bring to your indoor a pure lance indica. Unmistakable b
Y Griega thumbnail

Y Griega

Don’t ask Y Griega – Ask why not! Y Griega has an instant energy jolt that’ll motivate your mind & body before settling into a more relaxed state of alertness. A sweet mix of Amnesia & Kali Mist, Y Gr
Yumboldt 47 thumbnail

Yumboldt 47

Yumboldt 47 is 90% Indica with pure AK47 parentage - masive yield and a an excellent THC Level.
Yumbolt Feminized thumbnail

Yumbolt Feminized

Take a gander at Yumbolt Feminized’s multi-layered trichomes and you’ll understand how this tasty smoke put Humboldt, California dead-center on the weed-world map! With a taste, smell and stone that y
Showing 841-860 of 862

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