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Mong-U-Mental thumbnail


A Monumental Couchlocker with 1100 gr/seed Yields!

If you're looking for couchlock & plenty of it, you'll kick yourself if you take a pass on this new Dr Krippling strain. She's wicked strong and tasty, too!

  • A Full 19.5% THC - Very Potent
  • Recommended for Greenhouses
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Nutty and Spicey aroma with a hrdhitting kick, Monster from Eva Seeds is probably one of Eva's best strains! High thc content makes it ideal for hash generation!
Monster Mass thumbnail

Monster Mass

Savage Power with 800 gr/m2 Yields Inside!

Monster Mass by Critical Mass Collective is not only strong, she's wicked fast too. This killer can deliver over-the-top yields as fast as 45 days after the switch to 12/12. Amazing!

  • Recommended for Outdoors - 900+ gr/seed!
  • Sweet Fruit Flavours & Aromas
Monster Profit thumbnail

Monster Profit

The Heavyweight team looked at one another in awe, the smiles said it all. Not only had the scales tipped just over 800gms, the taste was so smooth, so sweet and exotic; nobody was moving. They said it couldn’t be done, but in just over 9 weeks of flowering there it was! A massive central cola…
Moonshine Mass thumbnail

Moonshine Mass

Mind-Altering Sativa with 22% THC!

This powerful Sativa is an intoxicating mix of Monster Mass and Old School Haze with soaring THC levels, astounding yields and a clear, daytime high that's guaranteed to keep your motor running.

  • Up to 600 gr/m2 Inside with a 60-65 Day Finish
  • Fat, Sticky Buds - Silvery Blue & Coated with Resin
Morning Glory Feminized thumbnail

Morning Glory Feminized

Cannabis Cup winner of 2002, Morning Glory combines the genetics of a true-breeding Hawaiian Sativa with a Skunk and an Afghani.
Mosaic Mix Pack thumbnail

Mosaic Mix Pack


Discover the power behind Magus Genetics & save a bundle with the Mosaic Mix Pack. This sampler includes a random mix of this breeder’s best cannabis seeds.

Motavation thumbnail


Mozzarella thumbnail


Smells & Tastes Like Perfectly Aged Cheddar!

Always a favourite in the UK, classic Cheese is one of the best Skunks of all times! Extremely strong, very productive & as pungent as they come, this one is a real crowd pleaser.

  • Up to 1000 gr/seed Outside
  • Extremely Relaxing & Very Chill
Muay Thai Super Auto thumbnail

Muay Thai Super Auto

Got Time For 110 Days Outside? This Is The One! Even though Muay Thai Super Auto is 100% feminized & fully autoflowering, she still gets so big and takes so long that Flash Seeds recommends you keep these leggy ladies outdoors. Start early in the season & by fall you'll be very surprise…
NL5 x Haze Mist thumbnail

NL5 x Haze Mist

A true champion, NL5 X Haze Mist is a potent medicinal Sativa that cures what ails you. Turn to NL5 X Haze Mist for a pleasurable mix of top-shelf genetics and unending power!
NY Diesel thumbnail

NY Diesel

NY Diesel is way better than she sounds. This incredibly potent cannabis seed tastes just like dirty diesel fuel – in a good way. Try NY Diesel once, and she’ll spoil you for all other beans! Think we
NYC Diesel thumbnail

NYC Diesel

The NYC Diesel has its roots in the Big Apple. The fruit of this plant tastes and smells like ripe Red Grapefruits. Once you touch the fresh buds you can`t smell the other strains in your room or gard
Naranja Diesel Auto thumbnail

Naranja Diesel Auto

Naranja Diesel Auto Mixes Orange Peel & Fuel

According to SGS, they saved this limited edition mix for a rainy day. Apparently, it's pouring pungent diesel fuel & tangy orange peel because these autoflowering seeds are finally ready to pop - Get 'em now!

  • White Citrus X IBL NYC Diesel - New for 2013
  • A Limited Edition Powerhouse - Monster-Sized AutoFems
Narco Purps Auto thumbnail

Narco Purps Auto

Maximum Bag Appeal!

With solid purple hues, rich hashy/grape aromas & plenty of sparkling crystals, Narco Purps Auto has bag appeal out the bum paired with a 60-day finish from seed.

  • 600 gr/m2 Inside, 70 gr/seed Outside
  • Narcotic Kush X Hindu Kush X Purple Afghani
Narcotherapy Auto thumbnail

Narcotherapy Auto

Tolerance Doesn't Stand a Chance!

With no ceiling in sight, Narcotherapy Auto lays waste to even the most dedicated stoner. This is medical grade power at its best - 20% THC, 900 gr/m2, 60 days!

  • Indica Dominant for Serious Chill
  • White Genetics - Very Frosty!
Narcotic Kush Auto thumbnail

Narcotic Kush Auto

Foolproof Indica with 22% THC!

In 60 days or less from seed, Narcotic Kush Auto will make you look like a true pro with serious quantities of dank, hash-smelling buds smothered in THC-enriched trichomes.

  • Beginner Friendly - Mould Resistant
  • 60 Days or Less from the Initial Pop!
Narkosis thumbnail


Narkosis literally means intense intoxication! If you’re looking for a classic couchlock stone, this is your new Indica. Narkosis is a very fast, high-yielding mix of Critical and SoMango with sweet f
Nebula thumbnail


Nebula, 'starcloud' was bred in 1996, this variety received the name for its stellar qualities. Nebula has an open structure that is excellent for indoor farming where the plants perform with optimal
Nebula II CBD thumbnail

Nebula II CBD

True Medical Marijuana Seeds - 7% CBD: 6% THC!

Paradise Seeds enters the MMJ arena by refining one of their most popular strains until they consistently deliver the magical 1:1 ratio. This is the one!

  • 60% Satva/40% Indica - Relaxing & Centered
  • High Resin Content - 500 gr/m2 Yields

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