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Masterkush Feminized thumbnail

Masterkush Feminized

Masterkush is an excellently stabilized Dutch hybrid specially developed for outdoor growing by crossing selected Thai & Brazilian strains. Though this variety was developed for outdoor cultivation,
Matanuska Tundra Feminized thumbnail

Matanuska Tundra Feminized

Cool down with Matanuska Tundra Feminized! This icy super-star is a potent Indica from the wildest regions of Alaska. Matanuska Tundra Feminized has a delicious chocolate fragrance, but her inner esse
Mataro Blue thumbnail

Mataro Blue

Mataro is Kannabia‭’‬s Cannabis strain dedicated to the birthplace of the company.‭ ‬When it is grown outdoors,‭ ‬you can harvest at the beginning of October,̷
Mataro Blue Automatic thumbnail

Mataro Blue Automatic

Fortunately,‭ ‬this Cannabis variety is very resistant to disease and mold.‭ ‬Additionally,‭ ‬the heavy trichome coating is breathtaking and its tendency to be high
MaxiGom thumbnail


Maxi Grass-O-Matic feminised seeds for the heaviest yielding automatic plants. Get Maximum Yields from Grassomatic's new Maxi strain.Can be subject to bud rot or mould if ventilation is not great due
MayDay Express thumbnail

MayDay Express

Step up to a powerful autoflowering cannabis seed with Positronic’s MayDay Express. This is Positronic’s first venture into the Automatic market, and they’ve outdone themselves. MayDay Express offers
Mazar Feminized thumbnail

Mazar Feminized

Mazar Feminized is an upgraded strain of the former Afghan/Skunk initially bred by Dutch Passion in 1997. This new variety is a very consistent cannabis strain with an increased yield over its predec
Mazar Kush thumbnail

Mazar Kush

Mazar Kush has a stupidly high THC level, I mean 20% man...World of Seeds feminized is an astonishing fast growing indica bred from Pure Afgan Kush Stabilized male and New Mazar Line.
Mazar X Great White Shark thumbnail

Mazar X Great White Shark

Take two award wining strains, cross them and you have a legend! Thats exactly what the breeders at world of seeds were thinking when the developed Mazar X Great White Shark. She has a killer THC and
Mazar X White Rhino thumbnail

Mazar X White Rhino

Mazar crossed White Rhino is the perfect recipe for an award winning strain - she is a mostly indica strain that does equally well outdoors as she performs indoors.
Mazari thumbnail


This is a great genetic combination sold by several seed companies due to its high quality. Afghan strains are renowned resin producers and the Skunk #1 helps to increase the potential yields (which
Mazari skunk thumbnail

Mazari skunk

Mazigom Automatic thumbnail

Mazigom Automatic

Medi Bomb #1 Feminised thumbnail

Medi Bomb #1 Feminised

Sparkling with a dense carpet of white crystals, Medi Bomb #1 Feminized is a potent mix of Bomb and Dutch genetics. Lush and soothing, Medi Bomb #1 Feminized eases the mind and releases the body!
Medi Bomb #2 Feminised thumbnail

Medi Bomb #2 Feminised

Clear, uplifting and energizing, Medi Bomb #2 Feminized really gets you going! A great wake-and-bake strain, Medi Bomb #2 delivers unheard of yields of top-shelf blaze.
Medi Kush thumbnail

Medi Kush

Medi Kush, a medicinal strain that grants the user an energetic and social high. This medicinal strain withholds properties that are great for numbing pain, relieving depression, overcoming insomnia,
Medifem SS thumbnail

Medifem SS

Medusa thumbnail


Medusa is the latest addition to our harem at Nirvana. Powerful Misty genes contribute to MedusaÂ’s ability to turn people to stone. Firm light green buds have a deep musty aroma and a sugar cane afte
Mekong High Feminized thumbnail

Mekong High Feminized

Melon Gum thumbnail

Melon Gum

Is there anything better than a happy accident? This heavyweight cannabis seed strain was born during a round of experimentation at Dr Underground’s secret laboratory, in which the flavour of Laven

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