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Northern Soul thumbnail

Northern Soul

Seedsman Northern Soul is a classic combination of two favourite strains Northern Lights and Skunk #1. This offspring shows all of the benefits of both its parents. It grows showing its indica domin
Nuclear Threat Automatic thumbnail

Nuclear Threat Automatic


No other autoflowering strain can compete with Nuclear Thread Auto! The power is explosive, the effects are instant & they're ready in a flash. Ready to go all in?

  • Very Potent - Sativa-Dominant
  • Up to 120 Grams Each!
Number 1 super Feminized thumbnail

Number 1 super Feminized

O.Z. Kush thumbnail

O.Z. Kush

Though it has a slightly longer lifespan than other strains from Bulldog, the extra time these plants take to finish allows them to produce extremely attractive flowers with seductive aromas and stron
OG Kush thumbnail

OG Kush

OG Kush is Your 1-Way Ticket to Wasteland!

And you won't ever want to come back! OG Kush, AKA Rock-Star weed, is the world's best Indica hybrid with the deepest couchlock you'll ever not remember. She's killer!

  • 15+% THC & Equally High Yields
  • 7 to 9 Week Finish - No F*cking Around!
OG Kush thumbnail

OG Kush

It’s true! From bag seed, some lucky stoner struck gold with OG Kush, the world’s most expensive & in-demand smoke. OG Kush cannabis seeds are expensive, but they’ll definitely pay you back 10-fold gi
OG Kush thumbnail

OG Kush

OG Kush by Humboldt Seeds is a mythical SoCal strain , this is the staple against which all the rest of strains are compared. Intense Fuel and Lemon Cleaner taste, high THC, and lots of crystals, this
OG Kush Auto thumbnail

OG Kush Auto

Max Potency - 21% THC!

Think an AutoFem could never lock you to the couch? Then give OG Kush Auto a try! These weed seeds are extremely fast, but they don't skimp on power.

  • Tight, Dense, Dank
  • 70 to 75 Days from Seed!
OG LA Affie thumbnail

OG LA Affie

The Original Afghan Bombay Kush

A classic medicinal seed, OG LA Affie is pure Indica with an energetic effect followed by a velvet sledgehammer guaranteed to knock you out for the count.

  • Very Fast - 45 to 56 Days on Average
  • Potent Medical Marijuana Seeds
OG13 thumbnail


G13 Labs Improves OG Kush!

OG13 is an Indica-dominant re-mix of Diesel plus specially selected Thai & Pakistani strains. These weed seeds are astonishingly strong & liberally coated with THC crystals.

  • Recommended for Inside - Loves SOG
  • Fruity & Sweet with Notes of Diesel
OGRE Auto thumbnail


OGRE Complete Redefines Autoflowering Genetics!

Insanely vigorous from the very start, OGRE is breaking through every autoflowering barrier known to man. This is a real monster, my friends, with up to 120 gr/seed in just 77 days or less!

  • Refined for Skunk Phenos, Fast Finishes & High Yields
  • Durban Poison, Skunk #1, Hindu Kush, Amnesia Haze
Oasis Feminized thumbnail

Oasis Feminized

Oasis is our Northern Lights #2 selection. With a good yield, excellent taste, and a superbly enjoyable high, this Dutch Passion variety is a valuable experience for all growers and smokers.
Obsession thumbnail


The female of this Obsession is Gilgit Valley (Pakistan) and the stabilized male hybrid is White Rhino + Black Domina + Jack Herer.
Ogre Ryder thumbnail

Ogre Ryder

Ogre Ryder - A Knockout Kush with Monster Yields!

Ogre Ryder is the latest Joint Doctor release (2013) & it's expected to hit our doors any minute. We don't have the details yet, but the rumor is this beast is a knockout Kush with groundbreaking yields.

  • Master Kush X Bubba Kush X Lowryder? - Or is it?
  • Earthy Meets Sweet, Intense Power, Monster Yields
Old Early Skunk thumbnail

Old Early Skunk

Go old-school with Old Early Skunk! These potent feminized seeds smell & taste just like you remember, but the power rating has been boosted all the way to 22% THC! Old Early Skunk is a disease resist
Opium thumbnail


This bittersweet hybrid, with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio can be grown as a sea of green or multi-branch plant. Opium's fragrance and tastes are very similair to Grapefruit. .A Majestic Plant, with in
Orange Cream thumbnail

Orange Cream

Expected to Arrive Soon!

Barney's Farm has a whole new lineup for 2016 & Orange Cream is one of the best on the list. By the name alone, we're betting the flavour is fantastic!

  • Incredible Flavour
  • Immense Power
Orange Hill Special thumbnail

Orange Hill Special

Orange Hill Special is an exceptional Orange Skunk selection, a new addition to our ‘Orange’ family. She was developed with genetics from our much loved Orange Bud and Californian Orange varieties, t
Orient Automatic thumbnail

Orient Automatic

Forget the Orient Express & hop aboard Orient Automatic! Faster & more powerful than a speeding locomotive, Orient Automatic is an Indica-dominant cannabis seed with a 70 to 80-day finish from seed. I
Orient Express Feminized thumbnail

Orient Express Feminized

A.C.E. Seeds Orient Express combines the short flowering time from their China Yunnan with the heavy yields of Vietnam Black. Being predominantly an Asian variety, Orient Express is mainly a sativa st

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