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Papa`s Candy thumbnail

Papa`s Candy

Papa's Candy is a short stout and produces some mighty skunk buds that are literally coated in THC crystals, storing this on a kif extractor is recommended to catch any falling THC trichomes.
Paradise Seeds Indica Mix thumbnail

Paradise Seeds Indica Mix

To satisfy your wildest weed fantasies, the Paradise Seeds Indoor Mix delivers three of the best Indicas known to man! You’ll get two seeds each of Sensi Star, Ice Cream and White Berry with the Parad
Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix thumbnail

Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix

Sativas are known for cerebral power and the highest level of quality. With the Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix, you’ll discover three of the best strains in this high-powered family. The Paradise Seeds Sat
Passion #1 Feminized thumbnail

Passion #1 Feminized

Dutch Passion’s Passion #1 has a very soft and smooth smoke with a citrus-like aroma that gives a good high. The color of the finishing flowers is quite nice and enticing.
Patel's Cornershop Special thumbnail

Patel's Cornershop Surprise

18% THC, Kilo-Plus Yields, Devastating Effects!

Brand new for 2017, this Delhi Friend X Patel's OG Kush cross demonstrates exactly how far UK genetics can go! In greenhouse testing, these very special feminized seeds yielded over a Kilo each.

  • Sweet Taste, Hashy Aroms
  • Early Finishes - Medium Sized
Pato #1 thumbnail

Pato #1

Love surprises? Then get Pato #1 Cannabis Seeds! According to Kannabia, Pato #1 is the one seed that’s so good it shocks even the most seasoned connoisseur. Pato #1 is a scrumptious mix of Mango Skunk
Peace Maker thumbnail

Peace Maker

Peppermint Kush thumbnail

Peppermint Kush

We are excited to finally introduce from Barney's Farm Stella Blue a dynamic and exotic new hybrid. Crossing our Stella Blue with our spicy Nepali Indica results in a truly beautiful must have experie
Perplex Feminized thumbnail

Perplex Feminized


High levels of THC are characteristic of this variety. As a result of this fact, the high is strong and fast. Dutch Passion’s Perplex Feminized is a MUST if you are looking for a strong commercial ind

Peyote Cookies thumbnail

Peyote Cookies

7-Week Finishes - Strong, Long-Lasting, Totally Chill!

You have to love a super-potent feminized seed that can reach astronomical yields in practically no time, and look great while she's doing it. That seed, my friend, is Barney's Peyote Cookies. Get yours today!

  • 95% Indica - Strong Body Buzz
  • Massive Yields - Up to 600 gr/m2
Phantom OG thumbnail

Phantom OG

Potent with Unique Fruit & Nut Flavours!

Phantom Cookies is one of the best Cookie strains out there, but Barney's Farm still saw room for improvement. With Phantom OG, they kept the unique flavour & incredible quality while boosting the yields, the power & the density with a touch of OG Kush. It's a deadly mix!

  • Tall - Up to 1.2 Meters Indoors
  • Tastes Like Wild Berries & Walnuts
Phatt Fruity thumbnail

Phatt Fruity

Colossal Yields & Pungent Taste for Your Patio!

If you're looking for a powerfully mellow high to unwind at the end of the day, look no further. Phatt Fruity is the perfect solution for areas with restricted height, without compromising your yields.

  • Earthy & Pungent with Hints of Berry
  • 19% THC, 550 gr/m2, 80 cm or Less!
Pickled Diesel Auto thumbnail

Pickled Diesel Auto

Strong Fruit Flavour & Hints of Dill

To create this potent AutoFem, Dr Krippling combined his best Diesels for incredible flavours & smells including lemon, orange, pineapple, grapefruit ... and dill!

  • 17% THC - 60 to 70 Day Finishes
  • Rock-Solid Bud Formation
Pineapple Chunk thumbnail

Pineapple Chunk

Nothing Beats AFS's Pineapple Chunk!

Potent doesn't even begin to describe Pineapple Chunk! With these babies, you can (almost) here your brain cells sizzle. Can you say D-A-N-K?

  • Incredibly Lush, Decadent Aromas & Flavours - Yum!
  • Ready in 6 Weeks, But Even Better at 8!
Pineapple Express thumbnail

Pineapple Express

Intense Head Highs, Unforgettable Aroma!

Pineapple Express is world-famous & for very good reason - this award-winning G13 Labs strain is a potent brain-bender with incredible flavours!

  • Unbelievable Yields - Very Heavy
  • Fast & Easy with Midrange Heights
Pineapple Express #2 thumbnail

Pineapple Express #2

Even Faster at 45 Days - 1300 gr/seed!

At G13 Labs, the hits just keep on coming! Pineapple Express #2 is now ready in as little as 45 days with even bigger yields. Brilliant!

  • Perfect for the Most Hostile Environments
  • Can Get up to 2.5 Meters Tall
Pineapple Express Auto thumbnail

Pineapple Express Auto

A Sexy Pineapple Scented Auto with 20% THC

Hedonism ruled the day Fast Buds released Pineapple Express Auto! This pineapple scented & flavoured AutoFem is a luxury strain with a sensual high that'll erase all your inhibitions.

  • Literally Dripping with Resin Crystals
  • Sativa Dominant for Uplifting Cerebral Highs
Pineapple Express Auto thumbnail

Pineapple Express Auto

Fast, Fruity & Perfect for Smaller Spaces!

Pineapple Express Auto is a faster, friendlier version of G13 Labs' best selling strain. In 10 weeks or less from seed, these babies will do their thing!

  • Indica Dominant with Lasting Stones
  • Extremely Dense & Frosty
Pineapple Express Seeds thumbnail

Pineapple Express Auto Seeds

You’ve seen the movie. Now, it’s time to experience the real thing. Pineapple Express from Barney’s Farm is currently available for your amazing collection of cannabis seeds. Very similar to that old
Pineapple Kush thumbnail

Pineapple Kush

Sweet & Tropical - Ready in 7 Weeks!

Pineapple Kush will be ready before you know it with fast, 7 to 8 week finishes! She fast-tracks dense, rocky buds that practically drip with resin & sweet, tropical flavours.

  • 18% THC with Superiour Balance
  • Fruity with Notes of Vanilla, Mint & Caramel!

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