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Meet Osiris, the new Goddess of the Sacred Weed! This highly potent White Widow/AK-47 cross is extremely stable with high yields of ooey, gooey, sticky smoke that grants a lasting high to all of Osiri
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Outdoor C99

The best indoor strain of the 90s is finally ready to step out into the light! Revised for the outside, Outdoor C99 Feminized still has that same sweet flavour & high yields that turned this cannabis
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Outdoor Grapefruit

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Outdoor Mix


If anyone knows a thing or two about guerillas, it's The Rhino! He says this is one of the best choices for outdoor collections in northern lattitudes. Get yours today!

  • Random Mix of Royal Queen's 4 Best Outdoor Seeds
  • NL Auto, Royal Bluematic, Royal Moby & Power Flower
Outdoor Mix thumbnail

Outdoor Mix

Outlaw thumbnail


Outlaw is a true rebel that breaks all the rules! This Sativa-dominant cannabis seed will light you up with incredible power, intense flavours & beginner-friendly ease. Tame your inner demons with bad
Pain Killer thumbnail

Pain Killer

This is your truly sublime alternative to paracetamol. Pain Killer was created for you with a focus on all of cannabis seeds medicinal properties. It has been designed as a natural medicine which w
Pakistan Ryder thumbnail

Pakistan Ryder

Proceeds from mountainous system of Hindu Kush (north of Pakistan). Some years after we have been selecting the best lance strains from kush, we bring to your indoor a pure lance indica. Unmistakab
Pamir Gold Feminized thumbnail

Pamir Gold Feminized

Dutch Passion’s Pamir Gold originated in the western Himalayas of Tadzjikistan. The plant was adapted to the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps during through several years of selective breeding.
Panama Feminized thumbnail

Panama Feminized

To create Panama, 3 unique strains expressing strong and competitive characteristics were crossed and ultimately became an extremely exotic plant with aromas and flavors that consumers will flock to t
Pandora thumbnail


Pandora is an exotic AutoFem with smoking-hot power, super-fast finishes and a very relaxing stone. Satisfy your curiosity and give Pandora Cannabis Seeds a try!
Papa`s Candy thumbnail

Papa`s Candy

Papa's Candy is a short stout and produces some mighty skunk buds that are literally coated in THC crystals, storing this on a kif extractor is recommended to catch any falling THC trichomes.
Paradise Seeds Indica Mix thumbnail

Paradise Seeds Indica Mix

To satisfy your wildest weed fantasies, the Paradise Seeds Indoor Mix delivers three of the best Indicas known to man! You’ll get two seeds each of Sensi Star, Ice Cream and White Berry with the Parad
Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix thumbnail

Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix

Sativas are known for cerebral power and the highest level of quality. With the Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix, you’ll discover three of the best strains in this high-powered family. The Paradise Seeds Sat
Passion #1 Feminized thumbnail

Passion #1 Feminized

Dutch Passion’s Passion #1 has a very soft and smooth smoke with a citrus-like aroma that gives a good high. The color of the finishing flowers is quite nice and enticing.
Patel's Cornershop Special thumbnail

Patel's Cornershop Surprise

18% THC, Kilo-Plus Yields, Devastating Effects!

Brand new for 2017, this Delhi Friend X Patel's OG Kush cross demonstrates exactly how far UK genetics can go! In greenhouse testing, these very special feminized seeds yielded over a Kilo each.

  • Sweet Taste, Hashy Aroms
  • Early Finishes - Medium Sized
Pato #1 thumbnail

Pato #1

Love surprises? Then get Pato #1 Cannabis Seeds! According to Kannabia, Pato #1 is the one seed that’s so good it shocks even the most seasoned connoisseur. Pato #1 is a scrumptious mix of Mango Skunk
Peace Maker thumbnail

Peace Maker

Peppermint Kush thumbnail

Peppermint Kush

We are excited to finally introduce from Barney's Farm Stella Blue a dynamic and exotic new hybrid. Crossing our Stella Blue with our spicy Nepali Indica results in a truly beautiful must have experie
Perplex Feminized thumbnail

Perplex Feminized


High levels of THC are characteristic of this variety. As a result of this fact, the high is strong and fast. Dutch Passion’s Perplex Feminized is a MUST if you are looking for a strong commercial ind

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