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Lucid Bolt thumbnail

Lucid Bolt

Lucid Bolt delivers a rare high that’s both relaxing and mentally clear. If you’d like to kick back without losing your mental edge, Lucid Bolt is the perfect choice.
MK-Ultra Feminized thumbnail

MK-Ultra Feminized

As the offspring of two super-strains, it’s no wonder that MK-Ultra Feminized won two years in a row at the prestigious Cannabis Cup competitions. For hypnotizing highs, rock-hard nuggs and gut-bustin
MK-Ultra Wreck thumbnail

MK-Ultra Wreck


Looking to get totally wasted? How ‘bout ultra-wrecked? MK-Ultra Wreck’ll get you there! With outrageous power and killer effects, MK-Ultra Wreck is the new top dog of the cannabis pack!

Madness thumbnail


Female: South of Brazil Stabilized male hybrid: Cinderela 99 + Matanuska tundra
Magic Bud Feminised thumbnail

Magic Bud Feminised

Magic Bud is the finest blend of Indica and Sativa. This plant of fine stature produces beautiful resin coated nugs in a relatively short time, approximately 56 days indoors.
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Get creative! Get energized! Get Malakoff Feminized cannabis seeds! Infused with strawberry & cream goodness, Malakoff Feminized is extremely fast and potent, especially for a connoisseur-quality Sati
Malana Bomb Auto thumbnail

Malana Bomb Auto

New for 2012, Malana Bomb Auto is a breath of fresh air straight from the Himalayas! This explosive strain combines the exotic Charas Hash plant with a hardy, autoflowering Ruderalis to create a short
Mama Mia thumbnail

Mama Mia

Mama Mia is very similar to our Mazari strain, except we chose an earlier flowering Skunk to make the cross and to ensure that Mama Mia finishes that bit earlier than Mazari both indoors and out doors
Mamba Negra thumbnail

Mamba Negra

Few survive the intense bite of Mamba Negra! This incredibly potent Indica finishes early with high yields of extremely aromatic, rock-hard nuggs. If you have what it takes to tame this beast, buy Mam
Mandalay thumbnail


Ready for a refreshing change? Mandalay is an exotic, near-pure Sativa with a full-bodied vanilla flavour, a touch of licorice & incredibly high yields. The high is ecstatically happy, but Mandalay ca
Mango thumbnail


Ready for the tastiest couchlocker on the planet? Forget harsh, hashy flavours that taste like an unwashed ashtray & pickup Mango seeds! Mango is an Indica-dominant mix of Jack Herer & Korean Big Skun
Mango Chutney thumbnail

Mango Chutney

Packin' Heat in More Ways than 1!

Mango Chutney brings the heat with a full 23% THC & delectable fire-infused fruit flavour. This is one Sativa you will never forget!

  • Tastes Like Sweet Fruit & Hot Spices
  • Extremely Potent - Krippling!
Mango Sapphire thumbnail

Mango Sapphire

Tropical Flavours with 23% THC!

Mango Sapphire tastes & looks as good as she sounds, and she backs those traits up with a whopping 23% THC & 85% Indica-dominant genetics. This one's a real powerhouse!

  • 48 to 53 Day Finishes - Very Fast!
  • Up to 15 oz/yd2 Inside, 71 oz/seed Outside
Marmalate thumbnail


An explosive mixture of flavours from our genetic dispensary. Critical Bilbo, which looks like a Sativa, but with marked Indica characteristics and Lavender, an Indica look-alike with Sativa tendencie
Maroc thumbnail


It's all in the name, an easy new-style Sativa variety for in the greenhouse and outdoors. Most of them flower under 18 hours light and start flowering in mid July in Holland. There is some variation
Martian Kush thumbnail

Martian Kush

Get ready for liftoff! Martian Kush Feminized has enough power to launch you into outer space! Martian Kush Feminized is a potent mix of Martian Mean Green and The OG #18, two amazing HTCC winners.
Martian Mean Green thumbnail

Martian Mean Green

2006 High Times Strain of the Year

So good some say it was created by aliens, Martian Mean Green is an outstanding choice with massive tops & incredible power. She's your new go-to bean!

  • Sharksbreath X G13 Haze
  • 60% Sativa, 10% Indica, 600 gr/m2
Mighty Midget Auto thumbnail

Massive Midget Auto

The power of this exotic strain, is beautifully hidden beneath its mouth watering tropical flavours, a must for all discerning smokers with an eye for quality. Heavyweight Seeds have taken a highly stable Afghani/Nepalese autoflowering hybrid and then crossed it with our Jamaican/Hawaiian autoflowe…
Mastadon Kush Feminized thumbnail

Mastadon Kush Feminized

Get Couchlock with Mastadon Kush Feminized!

For a double-Kush punch, go with Mastadon Kush Feminized. She practically explodes with fierce Indica power & mega-watt yields. Plus, the high resin levels push these babies straight into hash territory. They're awesome!

  • Master Kush X Pre-98 Bubba Kush - Extremely Physical
  • Intense Medicinal Properties - Restful, Relaxing, Soothing
Master Kush thumbnail

Master Kush

55 Days or Less with 24% THC!

Master Kush is strong, fast and she's packed with seriously large, resin-coated buds that smell great and taste even better. The stones are almost all physical and very chill.

  • Hindu Kush X Skunk X OG Kush
  • Up to 12 oz/yd in 50-55 Days

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