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Original Amnesia Auto thumbnail

Original Amnesia Auto

Original Amnesia Auto will stick in your memory for a lifetime! A massive Sativa with foxtail nuggs, Original Amnesia Auto offers high yields and mind-blowing power!
Original Amnesia Feminized thumbnail

Original Amnesia Feminized

Not only does Original Amnesia Feminized have more Cups than any other Haze, this strain has enough power to cause rare blackout highs! If you try this coffee shop favourite, be careful! Too much Orig
Original Berry thumbnail

Original Berry

Something amazing to note about this strain is to be careful with the weight of the branches during flowering because they withhold high potential for snapping under the sheer mass of flowers.‭
Original Clone thumbnail

Original Clone

Have you always wanted to try Highlife Cup champion Original Clone but never had the chance? Now, that Original Clone is available as a convenient feminized cannabis seed, everyone can enjoy this exce
Original Flo Feminized thumbnail

Original Flo Feminized


Original Flo from Dutch Passion is a Sativa/Indica cross (60% Sativa/ 40% Indica). Interestingly, this variety develops with very Sativa-phenotypic characteristics that contrast its short Indica-base

Original Gorilla Glue #4 S1 thumbnail

Original Gorilla Glue #4 S1

Fully Authorized by GG Strains, LLC - They're The Real Thing!

Backed by the original breeder, Original Gorilla Glue #4 S1 Seeds are the genetic duplicate of the infamous Colorado Cut that/s been so elusive up until now. Get yours while you can!

  • Fat, Crystal-Coated Buds that Ooze with Aromatic Terpenes
  • Winner of 3 Cannabis Cups - Michigan, LA & Jamaica!
Original Skunk #1 thumbnail

Original Skunk #1

With its classic aroma and great taste, Original Skunk #1 Feminized continues to deliver old-school power like a champ. This hybrid has earned her place in the cannabis history books with rock-hard nu
Orka thumbnail


True to her name, Orka delivers killer highs & whale-sized yields! With 21% THC & virtually no CBD, the mostly cerebral effects are clear, long-lasting & pleasantly euphoric. Orka cannabis seeds are r
Ortega Indica Feminized thumbnail

Ortega Indica Feminized

Osiris thumbnail


Meet Osiris, the new Goddess of the Sacred Weed! This highly potent White Widow/AK-47 cross is extremely stable with high yields of ooey, gooey, sticky smoke that grants a lasting high to all of Osiri
Outdoor C99 thumbnail

Outdoor C99

The best indoor strain of the 90s is finally ready to step out into the light! Revised for the outside, Outdoor C99 Feminized still has that same sweet flavour & high yields that turned this cannabis
Outdoor Grapefruit thumbnail

Outdoor Grapefruit

Outdoor Mix thumbnail

Outdoor Mix


If anyone knows a thing or two about guerillas, it's The Rhino! He says this is one of the best choices for outdoor collections in northern lattitudes. Get yours today!

  • Random Mix of Royal Queen's 4 Best Outdoor Seeds
  • NL Auto, Royal Bluematic, Royal Moby & Power Flower
Outdoor Mix thumbnail

Outdoor Mix

Outlaw thumbnail


Outlaw is a true rebel that breaks all the rules! This Sativa-dominant cannabis seed will light you up with incredible power, intense flavours & beginner-friendly ease. Tame your inner demons with bad
Pain Killer thumbnail

Pain Killer

This is your truly sublime alternative to paracetamol. Pain Killer was created for you with a focus on all of cannabis seeds medicinal properties. It has been designed as a natural medicine which w
Pakistan Ryder thumbnail

Pakistan Ryder

Proceeds from mountainous system of Hindu Kush (north of Pakistan). Some years after we have been selecting the best lance strains from kush, we bring to your indoor a pure lance indica. Unmistakab
Pamir Gold Feminized thumbnail

Pamir Gold Feminized

Dutch Passion’s Pamir Gold originated in the western Himalayas of Tadzjikistan. The plant was adapted to the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps during through several years of selective breeding.
Panama Feminized thumbnail

Panama Feminized

To create Panama, 3 unique strains expressing strong and competitive characteristics were crossed and ultimately became an extremely exotic plant with aromas and flavors that consumers will flock to t
Pandora thumbnail


Pandora is an exotic AutoFem with smoking-hot power, super-fast finishes and a very relaxing stone. Satisfy your curiosity and give Pandora Cannabis Seeds a try!

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