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Royal Caramel Fast thumbnail

Royal Caramel Fast

Royal Caramel is fast becoming a classic strain in Spain, where it was first seen. Its genetics are a mix of heavy Indicas with worldwide influence. A three-way cross between BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Ind
Royal Cheese thumbnail

Royal Cheese

Meet UK Cheese's Sexy Sister - Royal Cheese!

Pull out the nose plugs for these wicked-good cannabis seeds. Royal Cheese is just as stinky as Exodus Cheese, but she's been fully feminized for your pleasure!

  • 400 gr/m2 Yields with an 8-Week Finish Inside
  • Classic Cheese Flavour, Aroma & Knock-Out Stone
Royal Cheese Automatic thumbnail

Royal Cheese Automatic

Royal Cheese Auto Puts Pungency on Speed Dial!

Craving authentic Cheese flavour? Get it fast with Royal Cheese Automatic! Perfect for beginners & time-challenged experts, this powerhouse is ready in just 9 to 10 weeks from seed.

  • 30 to 140 gr/seed - Amazing Volume!
  • 50% Indica - Very Soothing & Calm
Royal Cheese Fast thumbnail

Royal Cheese Fast

Cheese is a legendary cannabis plant with origins based in the UK. This marijuana strain has its heritage from some original Skunk #1 that was rediscovered then developed by a dedicated crew of cannab
Royal Cookies thumbnail

Royal Cookies

23% THC, 525 gr Yields, Famous Flavour!

This double Forum Cookies cross is one of the strongest new takes on an American classic we've ever seen. Royal Cookies taste great, but that comes in 2nd to the hard-hitting high.

  • Finishes in 9 Weeks or Less
  • 80% Indica - Short, Fat, Bushy
Royal Creamatic thumbnail

Royal Creamatic

Royal Creamatic Oozes with Caramel-Enriched Power!

Always stoned-to-the-bone, Royal Creamtic satisfies your cravings for physical relaxation & extreme flavour in just 8 weeks from seed. She's pure luxury!

  • Very High THC Levels - Especially for an AutoFem!
  • Up to 110 Grams per Seed - Unbelievable!
Royal Critical Automatic thumbnail

Royal Critical Automatic

Royal Critical Automatic is Totally Bad-Ass!

Royal Critical Automatic gives the same rock-hard dank as Original Critical with one big difference. These monsters only need 9 weeks form seed. She's insanely good!

  • Practically a Dwarf at 60 to 80 cm High
  • A Top Performer - 70 to 80 gr/seed
Royal Domina thumbnail

Royal Domina

Heavy, Long-Lasting Stones & Unique Flavours!

Decadent flavours meet hard-hitting power in Royal Queen's new Royal Domina strain. This is an Indica-dominant knockout with 20% THC & heavy, relaxing stones.

  • Very Generous Yields - Up to 575 gr/m2 Inside
  • Extra-Thick Resin - Extracts, Anyone?
Royal Dwarf thumbnail

Royal Dwarf

Royal Dwarf Packs Big Power in a Small Package!

They might be tiny, but there's nothing miniscule about Royal Dwarf Seeds' soaring highs or massive yields. Plus, they're fully autoflowering, extremely easy & beginner friendly!

  • 60 gr/seed - 40 cm Heights
  • A Fully Automatic Old-School Skunk
Royal Flush thumbnail

Royal Flush

Need to change your luck? A few Royal Flush cannabis seeds are all it takes to turn a zero into a real hero! Royal Flush is a fabulous mix of Jock Horror & Eldorado with a crisp, clear, energizing buz
Royal Flush Feminized thumbnail

Royal Flush Feminized

Royal Gorilla thumbnail

Royal Gorilla

Some Phenos Tested at 30+% THC!

Not only does Royal Gorilla contain 100% authentic Gorilla Glue genetics, these babies don't spare a thing when it comes to thick, gooey resin & near-lethal potency. They're killer!

  • Strong Physical Stones & Uplifting Head Highs!
  • Great Taste - Sweet, Earthy, Lemon, Lime
Royal Haze thumbnail

Royal Haze

High quality sativas produce clear psychoactive effects, without the feeling of sleepiness or tiredness. The presence of THCV, a compound that makes the stimulant effect of THC stronger, and the
Royal Haze Automatic thumbnail

Royal Haze Automatic

Skip the Trip to the 'Dam & Get Royal Haze Automatic!

If you can't make it to Amsterdam, do the next best thing. Royal Haze Automatic is authentic coffeeshop smoke without any of the hassle. These autoflowering cannabis seeds only need 10 weeks from seed!

  • Cannabis Cup Winning Genetics - Up to 100 gr/seed
  • Much Shorter than Traditional Haze at 100 cm or Less
Royal Highness thumbnail

Royal Highness

RQS Goes High CBD with New Royal Highness!

Crystal clear & active, Royal Highness does more than take the edge off without causing any anxiety. Don't expect any euphoria or stone with these female cannabis seeds. They're all about the healing power of weed seeds!

  • 8 Week Finishes, 90 gr/seed Yields, 100 cm or Shorter
  • Very Balanced with a Slight Sativa Tilt
Royal Kush thumbnail

Royal Kush

Beginner Friendly with 1000 Gram Yields!

Royal Kush is a weed god outside, capable of reaching up to 1000 gr/seed of top-quality Skunk regardless of experience level. She's unstoppable!

  • Up to 550 gr/m2 Inside
  • Afghan #1 X Skunk #1 - Classic!
Royal Kush Auto thumbnail

Royal Kush Auto

350 gr/m2 in 9 Weeks or Less!

Royal Kush Auto pumps out authentic OG Kush buds complete with their intense aroma in the same amount of time more traditional strains need for veg. They're crazy fast!

  • Spicy Aroma with Just a Hint of Ripe Fruit
  • Physical & Mental - Relaxing & Inspiring
Royal Madre thumbnail

Royal Madre

One Mother You'd Love to …. Smoke!

Royal Madre is a high-powered Jack the Reeper X Queen Madre hybrid with rich flavours, 18% THC & a relaxing, appetite stimulating, medical high.

  • Beginner Friendly - Very Simple
  • Up to 450 gr/m2 Inside, 500 gr/seed Outside
Royal Medic thumbnail

Royal Medic

Royal Medic Cures What Ails You!

To experience the true healing power of ganja seeds, drop the couchlockers & pick up Royal Medic. The high CBD levels turn these feminised seeds into potent MMJ powerhouses!

  • Crystal Clear Effects with No Anxiety or Nervousness
  • 125 gr/seed, 9 Week finishes, Extremely High CBD
Royal Moby thumbnail

Royal Moby

Royal Moby is a Big, Fat Whale of a Weed Seed!

Royal Moby blows other cannabis seeds out of the water when it comes to yield, power or extreme effect. These fems are real monsters with output that can only be described as unbelievable!

  • Astronomical Highs & Cup-Winning Quality - 20% THC
  • Even Bigger Yields Outside - 1000 gr/seed or More!
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