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Red Cherry Berry thumbnail

Red Cherry Berry

Developed for Indica lovers who like a celebral high to go with that body stone. Our best skunk plant backcrossed with its Californian ancestors. The result, - a very hardy plant that grows to medium
Red Diesel Feminized thumbnail

Red Diesel Feminized

Red Diesel Feminized tastes just like NYC Diesel, but the yields and power rating are vastly improved! Get the perfect mix of trippy Sativa and relaxing Indica with Red Diesel Feminized!
Red Dragon Feminized thumbnail

Red Dragon Feminized

The parentage of this line is exotic a West Himalayan Kush crossed with a true breeding Brazilian sativa.
Red Dwarf thumbnail

Red Dwarf


Created by crossbreeding the legendary White Dwarf with a stupendous Skunk, Red Dwarf Feminized is extremely potent & extra stinky! If you’re short on space, Red Dwarf could save your day.

Red Leicester Tease thumbnail

Red Leicester Tease

Tempting Aromas with the Power to Satisfy!

Don't give in to Red Leicester Tease's tempting aroma & cut the finish short! Letting these babies go all the way is highly rewarding, and you know what they say about delayed satisfaction.

  • Finishes in 8 Weeks Inside
  • Up to 500 gr/m2 of Blinged-Out Buds
Red Poison Auto thumbnail

Red Poison Auto

Red Poison Auto Should Come With a Warning Label!

These little beauties deserve a tiny Skull & Crossbones stamped across their lovely bums. Red Poison Auto is lethally good with enough deep-purple yield to drown in. She's deadly, but what a way to go!

  • 8 Weeks from Seed - Up to 550 gr/m2 Inside
  • Green Poison X Purple Pakistani Kush Auto
Remo Chemo thumbnail

Remo Chemo

Extremely Potent MMJ - Nausea, Pain, Appetite!

As a 65% Indica with 24% THC, Remo Chemo means business when it comes to serious MMJ! According to Urban Remo, the original breeder, she's the best choice for back pain & all kinds of other therapeutic needs. Order now!

  • Intense Kush Smell - Earth, Fuel & Pepper
  • Mid-Range Yields - Outstanding Quality
Resin Seeds Critical Haze Feminized thumbnail

Resin Seeds Critical Haze Feminized

Turbo-charge your cannabis seed collection with Resin Seeds Critical Haze Feminized! This incredible strain has an unbelievable 22% THC level & equally impressive 500-gram yields. It just doesn’t get
Rhino Ryder Auto thumbnail

Rhino Ryder Auto

Rhino Recommended on the Name Alone!

But just like the big horned one, Rhino Ryder Auto backs her sh*t up with serious power, more serious yields & an astonishing finish that's just 9 short little weeks from seed!

  • 20% THC with 650 gr/m2 Yields Inside!
  • White Rhino (aka Medicine Man) X Ruderalis
Rhino White thumbnail

Rhino White


Rhino White takes it all the way, baby! This strain puts out the thickest layer of resin we've ever seen. Don't take our word for it - get Rhino White & see for yourself!

  • Maximum Potency
  • 8 to 9 Week Finish
RoadRunner Auto Feminized thumbnail

RoadRunner Auto Feminized

RoadRunner Auto has broken speed limits around the globe for lightning-fast, 60-day finishes. With exceptional power & a stealthy size, RoadRunner Auto Feminized is perfect for the tightest spot!
RoadRunner Automatic #2 thumbnail

RoadRunner Automatic #2

RoadRunner Automatic #2 is just as fast & stable as #1, but this version has an enhanced level of vigour, aroma, flavour and yield! A sweetly relaxing Indica, RoadRunner Automatic #2 takes the edge of
Robocrop Auto thumbnail

Robocrop Auto

A Real Mechanical Beast with Bionic Yields!

Set Robocrop Auto in motion & there's no stopping this weed seed! Programmed for maximum performance, nothing throws this super-performer off track.

  • 900 gr/m2, 19% THC, 75 Days from Seed!
  • Genuine Haze Genetics - Mostly Sativa
Rock Bud Feminized thumbnail

Rock Bud Feminized

How can you ignore Soma’s personal recommendation about anything weed related? If this icon says Rock Bud is the most awesome medicinal strain in the world, you gotta believe him! Rock Bud Feminized i
Rocklock Feminized thumbnail

Rocklock Feminized

Dripping in THC crystals like a true diva, Rocklock Feminized hits your body like a steamroller! Rocklock Feminized is a couchlocking Indica with high yields and hardcore medicinal properties!
Rox Feminized thumbnail

Rox Feminized

Royal AK thumbnail

Royal AK

Cup-Winning Genetics with 19% THC

Make Royal AK your secret weapon for weed seed success. Power is top caliber at a full 19%, and the yields will most definitely leave you locked & loaded!

  • Up to 575 gr/m2 in 9 Weeks or Less Outside
  • Jade Green Buds with Golden Highlights
Royal AK Automatic thumbnail

Royal AK Automatic

Royal AK Automatic - Just as Potent/Twice as Easy!

The Rhino has your new automatic weed weapon & she's locked, loaded & ready to blow! Royal AK Automatic delivers all that killer smoke in less time & with less trouble.

  • Balanced Hybrid - Strong Highs & Relaxing Stones
  • Only Needs 9 to 10 Weeds from Seed - Smokin'!
Royal Automatic thumbnail

Royal Automatic

Royal Automatic Kicks Ass in Just 8 Weeks - Total!

Who knew great smoke was possible in just 8 short weeks from seed? Royal Queen that's who. Be the next to accomplish this impossible feat - Order Royal Automatic today!

  • Happy Sativa Highs with Absolutely No Couchlock
  • 55 gr/seed yields - Mid-Range THC
Royal Bluematic thumbnail

Royal Bluematic

Royal Bluematic is an 8-Week Wonder!

Can't wait for those lush Blueberry flavours? With Royal Bluematic, you don't have to! This powerhouse finishes in 8 weeks from seed like clockwork.

  • Authentic Blueberry Flavour - Extremely Fast Finishes
  • Easy, Beginner-Friendly Cannabis Seeds - 75 cm or Less
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