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Sugar Black Rose thumbnail

Sugar Black Rose

Sugar Black Rose is a unique and exclusive experience that would most likely tickle the fancy of any connoisseur. Sugar Black Rose is a cross between two of the most appreciated genetics that have be
Sugar Loaf Feminized thumbnail

Sugar Loaf Feminized

A vigorous F1 hybrid, Sugar Loaf Feminized is filled with psychoactive power! This top-quality cannabis seed is a little trippy and highly productive. Make sure you give Sugar Loaf Feminized plenty of
Sugar Mama Auto thumbnail

Sugar Mama Auto

Who's Your Sugar Mama Now?

Sit back, relax & let Sugar Mama take care of your every need! This Sativa-dominant AutoFem is the total package with sugary-sweet flavours & a creeping head high that never seems to end!

  • Finishes in 9 Weeks from Seed Inside
  • Beginner Friendly - Forgives All Mistakes!
Sugar Mango Ryder thumbnail

Sugar Mango Ryder

Deliciously sweet and extremely powerful, Sugar Mango Ryder is a decadent trip filled with rich flavours, strong effects and amazing yields! Enjoy all this plus full autoflowering capabilities with Su
SugarGOM AutoFem thumbnail

SugarGOM AutoFem

Bursting with sweetness and sprinkled with sugary THC crystals, SugarGOM AutoFem is one of the tastiest marijuana seeds we’ve ever tried. And, she smells great, too! SugarGOM AutoFem changes from a st
Super Automatic thumbnail

Super Automatic

Take the proven shortcut to greatness with Super Automatic! This high-performance seed successfully combines Diesel & White Widow with Lowryder to create the new gold standard for autoflowering cannab
Super Automatic Sativa thumbnail

Super Automatic Sativa

Collectors who crave the mind-blowing effects of a great Sativa seed can’t get enough of the Super Automatic Sativa created by the expert breeders at Big Buddha Seeds! To satisfy demand, Big Buddha st
Super Bud Feminised thumbnail

Super Bud Feminised

Super Bud comes from The Green house Seeds latest line of collection seeds. Super Bud has been fine tuned to meet demand and has all the characteristics you look for in an indica - fast flowering, hea
Super Cali Haze Feminized thumbnail

Super Cali Haze Feminized

After many years spent refining this auto Haze strain, Stitch managed to cross a Ruderalis with a special Haze, make it 100% autoflowering, cross it again with resinous Colombian mother from Californi
Super Cannalope Feminised thumbnail

Super Cannalope Feminised

Close your eyes and picture this: a massive cola that’s so filled with blue crystals and orange hair that you can barely see any green. If this sounds like heaven to you, welcome to the world of Super
Super Critical thumbnail

Super Critical

super Criti Physical, very fast-hitting, with a narcotic side and a very relaxing finish. Medicinally effective in pain therapy. One of the most famous Spanish genetics, now available f
Super Critical Auto thumbnail

Super Critical Auto

Super Critical Auto makes one of Green House Seeds’ best strains even better! Now, even beginners can achieve their goals with humongous yields of physically relaxing blaze in just 7 weeks.
Super Critical Haze Feminized thumbnail

Super Critical Haze Feminized


Get more Haze than you ever thought possible with Super Critical Haze Feminized! This blend keeps the Haze quality and complex flavours but pumps up the volumes to unbelievable levels.

Super Hash thumbnail

Super Hash

Ready to get your extraction game on? Stock up on Super Hash cannabis seeds and make it happen! Super Hash is covered in THC-laced resin from the tip of her posh nuggs right down to her sexy stems. Th
Super Haze Female thumbnail

Super Haze Female

Super Haze Feminized thumbnail

Super Haze Feminized

Super Iced Grapefruit thumbnail

Super Iced Grapefruit

Super Iced Grapefruit Puts Dank Within Easy Reach!

Fully feminized, incredibly fast & extra good, Super Iced Grapefruit delivers certified dank to all, regardless of experience level. No snobby connoisseur-only smoke here!

  • 10X Better than Iced Grapefruit - 22% THC!
  • 650 gr/m2 Cured - More Would Just Be Greedy!
Super Lemon Haze thumbnail

Super Lemon Haze

A very lemony haze, works fast and lasts long. It’s a very powerful high, very balanced between a physical and a cerebral side.
Super Mutant Mass thumbnail

Super Mutant Mass

Solid Power, Astronomical Yields!

With X-Men-like precision, Super Mutant Mass exceeds all expectations with 20% THC & up to 900 gr/seed in yield. She's a trouble-free powerhouse that you can't pass up!

  • Oily & Bursting with Resin
  • Positive, Uplifting, Clear Headed
Super Silver Bilbo thumbnail

Super Silver Bilbo

Genehtik Seeds gave us three words to best describe their Super Silver Bilbo: fat, heavy, and very dense. Super Silver Bilbo won 1st prize at the Bop Highlife BCN 2005 competition because it is extrem
Showing 1181-1200 of 1373

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