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Special Kush #1 Feminized thumbnail

Special Kush #1 Feminized

Kick It Old-School with Special Kush #1 Feminized!

Forget trendy weed & return to the source for pure Indica power. As wild & wicked as the day she was plucked from the remote Hindu Kush, Special Kush #1 Feminized is what good smoke is all about!

  • Unbelievably Fast - 7-Week Finishes
  • 45 gr/seed or 400 gr/m2 Under Great Conditions
Special Mix 1 thumbnail

Special Mix 1

If you’re looking for sky-high yields and amazing power, check out Eva Seeds Special Mix 1! This value-priced package includes 6 feminized cannabis seeds suitable for indoors and out. Special Mix 1 in
Special Mix 2 thumbnail

Special Mix 2

Special Mix 2 showcases 3 intense Eva Seeds’ strains including sweet Jamaican Dream, tasty Veneno and aromatic Nexus! For high power, stupendous yields and scrumptious flavours, check out Special Mix 2!
Special Mix 3 thumbnail

Special Mix 3

Discover a new side of Eva Seeds with Special Mix 3! This collection of hot new strains includes TNT Kush, Papa’s Candy & Pink Plant. With the variety found in Special Mix 3, you’ll have potent blaze to fit your every mood!
Special Queen #1 Feminized thumbnail

Special Queen #1 Feminized

Save Money - Buy Special Queen #1 Feminized!

Check out the prices on these babies! This basic, no-frills weed has everything you need & nothing you don't, & she's a genuine HTCC winner. Order your Special Queen #1 today or hate yourself for missing out!

  • Power Bud X Skunk - Two God-Like Strains!
  • Up to 50 gr/m2 Inside with a 7-8 Week Finish
Speed + thumbnail

Speed +

You won’t be the only thing smokin’ when you go with Plus Speed Auto! This autoflowering hybrid is so fast, she burns up the record books. Plus Speed Auto delivers up to 500 gr/m2 of resiny blaze in j
Speed Devil thumbnail

Speed Devil

Sweet Seeds has continued to refine the original strain through a rigorous process of inbreeding, backbreeding, and selective breeding to improve upon perfection. The autoflowering trait is still ther
Speed Devil # 2 thumbnail

Speed Devil # 2

Speed Devil 2 is a super fast flowering auto that's ripe within 60 days from sowing. The end product is of very high quality and the yields are great too.
Speed Devil Auto thumbnail

Speed Devil Auto

Get 500-gram yields & intense narcotic effects in just 60 little days from seed with Speed Devil Auto! Although it sounds too good to be true, we promise no one’ll have to sell their soul to get all o
Speedy Chili Fast Version thumbnail

Speedy Chili Fast Version

So Fast, She's Smokin'!

Ready after just 6 weeks of bloom, Speedy Chili Fast Version doesn't waste a second! Yields are unbelievably big at 525 gr/m2, and the effects are simply stunning.

  • Plenty of Power at 16% THC
  • Great for Experts & Noobs!
Speedy Gonzales Auto thumbnail

Speedy Gonzales Auto

Wonder why Sylvester never nabs Speedy? That putty tat is stuck on couchlock while the fastest mouse in all of Mexico is jacked up on supersonic Speedy Gonzales Auto, a highly energizing cannabis seed
Speedy Gonzales Feminized thumbnail

Speedy Gonzales Feminized

Spicy White Devil thumbnail

Spicy White Devil

Spicy White Devil Slays'em with 21% THC!

Spicy White Devil brings together two legendary strains (Jack Herer & Original Blueberry) to create the perfect hybrid with soaring cerebral effects & massive Indica highs. These feminized seeds are outrageously good!

  • 21% THC, Up to 900 gr/m2 Yields, 65% Sativa
  • Fruity Fragrance, Blueberry Flavour, Red & Blue Tints
Spider Skunk thumbnail

Spider Skunk

Spin your own resinous web of THC-enriched goodness with Spider Skunk, a super-potent take on everyone’s favourite strain! Spider Skunk mixes exotic Black Domina with Super Skunk2 for superiour power
Spinning Buzz Kick Auto thumbnail

Spinning Buzz Kick Auto

65 Days & Your Ass Will Be Kicked!

This is a must-have for any self-respecting Auto fan! Spinning Buzz Kick only needs 65 days to pump out up to 80 grams of ass-kicking herb with sweet, sugary flavours.

  • Northern Lights X Black Domina Auto
  • 10-35 gr/seed Inside, 20-80 gr/seed Outside
Spiritual Punk thumbnail

Spiritual Punk

Spiritual Punk is a heavy 100% Indica hybrid that is a cross between Northern Lights and Mazar. This strain is definitely strong and is used medicinally to help people who sufer from hyperactivity, p
Spoetnik thumbnail


Spoetnik #1 is a very robust plant suitable for growing in most conditions with excellent resitance to spider mite and mould. Spoetnik produces rockhard buds and offers an unsual cerebral stone for a
Stacked Kush thumbnail

Stacked Kush

Incredibly Dense & Rocky

DNA didn't name this gleaming beauty Stacked Kush for nothing! Calyx flows into swollen calyx for uninterrupted goodness. It'll be cola city in just 8 short weeks!

  • 60% Sativa, 40% Indica, 100% Kush
  • Insane Crystal Formations - She's Sticky!
Star 47 thumbnail

Star 47

Star 47 from World of Seeds Legend collection - Mainly indica strain, massive yield and super potent.
Star Doggie thumbnail

Star Doggie

Star Doggie Is Off The Leash - 25% THC!

Star Doggie has finally arrived from planet Chemdawg - a spankingly special Sativa that'll help you through the day with an extra dose of energy & a triple helping of trip. Get yours now!

  • Chemdawg Hybrid - Dank, Fuelly & Very Strong!
  • Super Potent Effect - A Head Buzz Without Compare
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