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Super Silver Haze thumbnail

Super Silver Haze

The spicy scent, delightful taste of haze and an intense psychedelic effect are the main features of this strain; it also has great mould resistance and can reach a huge size if cultivated outdoor
Super Silver Haze Feminized thumbnail

Super Silver Haze Feminized

Super Silver Haze a true revolutionary bred from the most successful strains available and guaranteed to impress. Get your super silver haze online here!
Super Skunk thumbnail

Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a successful attempt to beef up the famous Skunk #1. This strain is one of the first to match the potency of the powerful import hashish in coffeeshops. Still famous for its potent flav
Super Skunk thumbnail

Super Skunk

Got 7 weeks? That's all it'll take to fill your stash with extra-stinky, mega-sticky Super Skunk! A champion since 1990, Super Skunk Feminized has stood the test of time and still kicks ass!
Super Skunk thumbnail

Super Skunk

If you’ve been caught in the dreaded drought, Super Skunk will easily save your entire season. This beginner-friendly cannabis seed puts out up to 600 grams of highly fragrant smoke with up to 18% THC
Super Skunk thumbnail

Super Skunk

Faster, Stronger & Stinkier!

To earn her name, Super Skunk beat out the original with a faster finish, stronger high & even stinkier smells. Plus, this Cup-Winner is way easy!

  • Skunk #1 X Afghan Hash Plant
  • Low Maintenance, Thick Resin
Super Skunk Auto thumbnail

Super Skunk Auto

Super Skunk Auto is equal opportunity weed! This autoflowering cannabis seed puts high-powered smoke in easy reach of the masses. Beginner-friendly Super Skunk Auto doesn’t need any complicated lighti
Super Skunk Auto thumbnail

Super Skunk Auto

One of the Best Skunks Ever Bred - 45-Day Finish!

Super Skunk Auto is perfect for getting an early start outdoors. She's vigorous from the start, blooms right on schedule and hands out large yields just 45 days later. Short seasons and cold summers will no longer be a problem!

  • Small Enough for the Smallest Spaces - Indoors or Out
  • Beginner Friendly - Reliable, Consistent, High Yielding
Super Skunk Automatic thumbnail

Super Skunk Automatic

Super Skunk Automatic - 1st Place at High Life 2012!

Super Skunk Automatic gives you authentic Dutch quality & power without the high price tag. Get these highly fragrant Indica hybrid seeds today!

  • Commercial Yield Capable - Short Timeframe
  • Short & Stocky with Tons of Sweet Shimmering Resin
Super Sour OG Feminized thumbnail

Super Sour OG Feminized

Super Sour OG Feminized Has a Sweet Surprise!

Just when you think you can't take it anymore, Super Sour OG Feminized's shocking flavour gives way to just a touch of Blueberry sweetness. It's the perfect finishing tough to this tart, tangy masterpiece. Yum!

  • A 4-Way Mix of the West Coast's Best Weed Seeds
  • Incredibly High Yields - Loves the LST
Super Stinky thumbnail

Super Stinky

Super Stinky is practically putrid – but in a good way! These autoflowering cannabis seeds have a full load of Sativa power paired with Skunk’s faster finish & bigger yields. Plus, nothing smells up t
Supergirl thumbnail


Supergirl is another new production Skunk. She is more on the sativa side, giving a cerebral high and longer stature. Bred with commercial interest in mind, Supergirl is sure to keep customer and grow
Supersonic Cristal Storm thumbnail

Supersonic Cristal Storm

To produce this strain, Samsara Seeds used a Low Ryder specimen and crossed it with one of their best Black Domina mothers and then backcrossed the offspring to sustain the autoflowering characteristi
Sweet Afgani Delicious thumbnail

Sweet Afgani Delicious

Intensely aromatic, Sweet Afghani Delicious is a championship strain. Winner of multiple cups including the Cannabis Champions Cup, Sweet Afghani Delicious is high-yielding, fast-finishing and super s
Sweet Amnesia thumbnail

Sweet Amnesia

Double the Sativa, Twice the Sugar!

Sweet Amnesia is a sugar-coated bud factory with soaring head highs that creep into a pleasant physical stone. Yields are crazy-good at up to 1200 gr/seed outside!

  • Mainly Lemon with Hints of Haze & Incense
  • A Fast Sativa - 65 Days from Seed Inside
Sweet Black Angel thumbnail

Sweet Black Angel

Sweet Black Angel is a cross between Black Domina and Super Silver Haze producing a love child bearing an 80% Indica / 20% Sativa characteristic. This hybrid emerged as a member of the new generation
Sweet Cheese thumbnail

Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese is a hard-hitting Sativa-dominant strain with strong, euphoric highs and deep, relaxing stones. We highly recommend Sweet Cheese Feminized to anyone seeking to expand their horizons with
Sweet Cheese Auto thumbnail

Sweet Cheese Auto

Sweet Cheese Auto takes the checkered flag once again! When it’s a race to the finish, this is the Cheese you need. Sweet Cheese Auto gets the job done in just 8 weeks with winning levels of tasty, pu
Sweet Coffee Ryder thumbnail

Sweet Coffee Ryder

Start your day off right with Sweet Coffee Ryder! As the perfect morning cannabis seed, Sweet Coffee Ryder takes the edge off and instantly lifts your mood!
Sweet Deep Grapefruit Feminized thumbnail

Sweet Deep Grapefruit Feminized

With a blueberry aroma & a tropical flavour, Sweet Deep Grapefruit is one of the fruitiest strains you’ll ever find! Even though Sweet Deep Grapefruit Feminized has a delicate tint, she’s no shrinking
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