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Star Ryder thumbnail

Star Ryder

Created using the finest championship genetics, Star Ryder is the ultimate autoflowering Cannabis Seed. From start to finish, you’ll enjoy the lovely light blue hue and pleasant tastes and aromas that
StarRyder thumbnail


Powerful AutoFems just don’t get any better than Dutch Passion’s StarRyder, a brand-new cannabis seed for Fall 2012. Created in close collaboration with the legendary Joint Doctor, StarRyder is foreca
Stardawg Auto thumbnail

Stardawg Auto

Chemdawg #4 X Tres Dawg - 22% THC!

We double-dog dare you to find a better Chemdawg strain than this one! Stardawg #4 is just as strong as any photoperiod version with 2X the resin & 3X the speed!

  • 8 to 9 Weeks from Seed
  • Instant Mind & Body Highs
Sterling Haze thumbnail

Sterling Haze

If your collection lacks a real showpiece, Sterling Haze is exactly what you need. These cannabis seeds are a potent Haze/Northern Lights mix with dense, rocky nuggs & delicious flavours. Sterling Haz
Sterling Haze Feminized thumbnail

Sterling Haze Feminized

The Sativa Seedbank have crossed their Haze with Northern Light. This is a classic F1 hybrid. Now available in Feminized variety
Stoned Immaculate thumbnail

Stoned Inmaculate

Stonehedge Feminized thumbnail

Stonehedge Feminized

Stonehenge Feminized is an exotic, old-school Cambodian strain that’s been updated with just a touch of Western Winds. If you’re ready to worship the weed gods, get ready to sacrifice your soul to Sto
Strawberry Amnesia thumbnail

Strawberry Amnesia

22% THC - These Babies Will Take You There!

With genetics from 2 of the most popular Sativa strains every created, Strawberry Amnesia is a decadent smoke with unmatched head highs & immense power - Strawberry Cough X Amnesia!

  • Complex Flavours - Strawberry, Citrus, Haze & More
  • Plump Buds Bursting with Resin - Up to 500 gr/m2 Inside
Strawberry Blue thumbnail

Strawberry Blue

Strawberry Blue Cannabis Seeds from World of Seeds - Feminized cannabis seeds available in 3,7 and 12 seed collection packs.
Strawberry Cake thumbnail

Strawberry Cake

Crossing a really stinky cheese with a fruity and potent Chronic, Heavyweight Strawberry Cake is a smokers delight. There’s the classic Cheese taste and aroma, coupled with an underlying mouth watering sweetness. The hit is hard and heavy, just perfect for the serious smoker. Strawberry Cake …
Strawberry Cough Feminized thumbnail

Strawberry Cough Feminized

Strawberry Cough is a very productive plant that retains a high value as a strong medicinal herb.
Strawberry D-Lite Feminized thumbnail

Strawberry D-Lite Feminized

Think Strawberry could never go with Diesel? Strawberry D-Lite Feminized says it does! Denser & stronger than NYCD & more aromatic than Strawberry Cough, Strawberry D-Lite Feminized is pure pot perfec
Strawberry Diesel Feminized thumbnail

Strawberry Diesel Feminized

Strawberry Diesel Feminized has NYC Diesel and the Strawberry Cough parents have made a taste range from tangerines to sweet berries. Its hybrid vigor ensures large and strong plants that resemble strong Indica genetics.
Strawberry Smile thumbnail

Strawberry Smile

Street Limited Edition thumbnail

Street Limited Edition

Sugar Black Rose thumbnail

Sugar Black Rose

Sugar Black Rose is a unique and exclusive experience that would most likely tickle the fancy of any connoisseur. Sugar Black Rose is a cross between two of the most appreciated genetics that have be
Sugar Loaf Feminized thumbnail

Sugar Loaf Feminized

A vigorous F1 hybrid, Sugar Loaf Feminized is filled with psychoactive power! This top-quality cannabis seed is a little trippy and highly productive. Make sure you give Sugar Loaf Feminized plenty of
Sugar Mama Auto thumbnail

Sugar Mama Auto

Who's Your Sugar Mama Now?

Sit back, relax & let Sugar Mama take care of your every need! This Sativa-dominant AutoFem is the total package with sugary-sweet flavours & a creeping head high that never seems to end!

  • Finishes in 9 Weeks from Seed Inside
  • Beginner Friendly - Forgives All Mistakes!
Sugar Mango Ryder thumbnail

Sugar Mango Ryder

Deliciously sweet and extremely powerful, Sugar Mango Ryder is a decadent trip filled with rich flavours, strong effects and amazing yields! Enjoy all this plus full autoflowering capabilities with Su
SugarGOM AutoFem thumbnail

SugarGOM AutoFem

Bursting with sweetness and sprinkled with sugary THC crystals, SugarGOM AutoFem is one of the tastiest marijuana seeds we’ve ever tried. And, she smells great, too! SugarGOM AutoFem changes from a st
Showing 1201-1220 of 1409

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