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Trainwreck thumbnail


Get Wrecked - Total & Utter Devastation!

World famous for a powerful effect that'll really f**k you up, Trainwreck is a proven classic brought to you by way of Arcata by Humboldt Seeds. Everyone should try this seed at least once!

  • Flip Early or Plan for Plenty of Stretch
  • Best for Indoors or Greenhouse - Great Aroma!
Trance Feminized thumbnail

Trance Feminized

Dutch Passion’s Trance Feminized is definitely an upgrade of their former variety Skunk/Indica. This is the F1 generation. It has come out as a very nice strain.
Trans Siberian thumbnail

Trans Siberian

Trans Siberian is a super-easy, fully automated version of Serious Seeds’ legendary White Russian! It’s just as frosty & strong as ever, and Trans Siberian lets inexperienced collectors shine like sea
Trinity Kush Feminized thumbnail

Trinity Kush Feminized

Trinity Kush Feminized Makes Old New Again!

Discover what old-school smoke is all about with Trinity Kush Feminized. Modernized slightly, this proven classic is as hashy & mellow as anything ever toked back in the day.

  • 90% Indica - 76 Afghan X Master Kush
  • Sweet & Earthy with Hashy Notes - Mellow
Tropical Ice thumbnail

Tropical Ice

Tundra #2 thumbnail

Tundra #2

Tundra #2 Tastes Like Fresh, Sweet Citrus!

Tundra #2 is incredibly frosty, but she tastes & smells like pure sunshine. This autoflowering Indica only needs 10 to 11 weeks to pump out mass quantities of fruity goodness with up to 12% THC.

  • 50% Indica & 50% Ruderalis - Improved Yields & Power
  • Even More Resinous & Consistent than the Original
Tundra Feminized thumbnail

Tundra Feminized


Tundra Feminized from Dutch Passion is a hybrid between an autoflowering Ruderalis/Indica and our outdoor champion Passion #1! This is a very nice autoflowering species for anyone looking for a new s

Tutankhamon thumbnail


This AK-47 will Blow Your Mind - 23% THC!

Energy Control tested Tutankhamon at Spannabis 2011 & the numbers were astronomical at a full 23% THC. It's the absolute strongest strain on the planet so far!

  • Ginormous Yields - Up to 1500 gr Outside
  • Very Fast - 60 Day Finishes
Twilight Feminized thumbnail

Twilight Feminized

It is good to note for all growers that this variety is 100% Indica so expect short bushy and fat plants with resinous purple buds that knock you flat on your ass. Enjoy!
Twist 108 Feminized thumbnail

Twist 108 Feminized

Twist 108 expresses a pretty even Indica / Sativa growth patterns and has potential to storm the market as the high yielding cash crop that indoor growers have been looking for. It has a great yield, fabulous potency, and a wonderfully sweet taste.
Txomango thumbnail


Txomango is a wonderful hybrid from Genehtik Seeds that is a great social smoke because the high is pleasant, giggly, fun, and it has a great body buzz. Txomango is a combination of Jack Herer, a Sup
Ultra Lemon Haze thumbnail

Ultra Lemon Haze

A special favourite for Auto Seeds & The Rhino, Ultra Lemon Haze is a sharp, citrus-flavoured Sativa with incredible psychedelic power. Ultra Lemon Haze requires a bit more work than most autoflowerin
Ultra Skunk Feminized thumbnail

Ultra Skunk Feminized

In their Swiss experiment, Dutch Passion flowered several Dutch and Swiss Skunk clones and several Skunk seed varieties. By hybridizing the BEST two Skunks, they created Ultra Skunk, a very homogenous
Ultraviolet Automatic thumbnail

Ultraviolet Automatic

This Cannabis variety was created by crossing the original White Dwarf x Skunk specimen with a Lavender and then later backcrossed to maintain the autoflowering characteristic. Nearly every desired f
Urban Poison Feminized thumbnail

Urban Poison Feminized

Utopia Haze Feminised thumbnail

Utopia Haze Feminised

Cannabis and Sativa Cup winner of 2008, Utopia Haze is a very hardy and high yielding strain. It is mold and disease resistant. After digging through Brazil for rare genetics, a 3-year selection pro
Uzbekistan Fem thumbnail

Uzbekistan Fem

V 2.0 thumbnail

V 2.0

From Vulkania Seeds comes ‘V 2.0’, a feminized variety that was bred from a 2006 New York City Diesel. When cultivated from a cutting (not from seed), these mostly Sativa plants need no vegetative growth period before flowering.
Vanilla Kush Feminized thumbnail

Vanilla Kush Feminized

Vanilla Kush produces buds that are HEAVILY flecked with red and gold trichomes that resemble wild vanilla and lavender accented with lemon and orange peel (Doesn’t that sound delightful?).
Velvet Bud thumbnail

Velvet Bud

This is a close relation of our Purple Bud. We remastered our original Purple Skunk variety to give a plant with a much smoother smoke hence the name Velvet Bud.
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